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Thermal Camera for Factory

Thermal Camera for Factory

The COVID-19 pandemic has put an economic and social strain on individuals, communities, and entire nations. Some businesses have struggled to remain afloat, while others have managed to maintain most of their operations as the demand for their services and products has increased. Factories have a role to play in ensuring that various products reach retailers and consumers to ensure that the supply of essentials is not affected.

Like all other businesses, it’s important for you as a factory manager to make sure you do everything possible to suppress the spread of coronavirus in your establishment. You should take measures to protect workers and visitors from infection. At Thermal Scan Camera, we have developed a number of solutions to help areas frequented by many people to check visitors for the symptoms of COVID-19. Get our thermal camera for factory areas today to detect people who have a high temperature at entrances.

How to Keep Your Factory Afloat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many firms have been forced to cut down the number of workers on-site daily to avoid crowding and ensure staff is able to maintain social distancing. If you have done this at your factory, then it has undoubtedly affected your production. Other challenges factories are facing are that many retailers have closed shop, which has affected the demand for products.

To mitigate these disruptions, it’s advisable to create strategies to help you maintain business activity. For instance, if the demand for your products has reduced significantly, then you should cut down production. Also, if possible, you can consider starting the production of items that are currently in high demand, such as hand sanitizers. This is a shift that distilleries have been able to make around the world.

How to Help Your Community During This Epidemic

As you look for ways to respond to the pandemic, you can help the community to fight the coronavirus. Depending on what your factory produces, your product can make it easier for the public to navigate the pandemic. There are different ways of giving back to the community at this time in terms of expertise, money, or facilities.

Many companies have been coming forward to donate hand sanitizers to disadvantaged families and frontline health workers. If your factory is fairing well, you should look for the best way to join the efforts to flatten the curve. Ensuring that your staff is protected from the virus is also a good way of contributing to the fight against the COVID-19.

Besides thermal scanning at the entrance to your facility, see to it that high levels of hygiene are maintained in work areas. Instruct your employees to avoid interpersonal contact and use the provided protective wear at all times. During briefings, educate your team about ways to keep themselves and others safe from infection, both within the factory and outside. 

Make Your Factory a Safe Place

Get our thermal camera for factory today to make your facility a safe place free of COVID-19. It provides automated temperature detection for multiple people simultaneously, and is, therefore, quite convenient. Call us now on 1-866-669-3669 for more details about how our camera works.

Thermal Camera for Factory
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