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App Developer

App Developer

With smartphones and tablets rapidly becoming the hardware of choice, there has never been a better time to considering creating your own app. ATIMI can help you turn the app of your vision into reality. With some of the best app developers this world has ever seen, we will complete your project on time and under budget. We will build an app for the devices of your users.

Building a mobile app in the language of the device ensures maximum speed and access to all of its functions, but it can be costly to do so. As with any software development, it takes time and specialized skills. From teams of software engineers to UI designers to project managers and testers; ATIMI has the resources you need to bring your app vision to life.

Why Should I Create an App?

There are many benefits to hiring an expert app developer like ATIMI to make an app for you, including having a tool made specifically for your staff or customers, creating brand awareness as part of a marketing campaign, and creating an app to generate new or additional revenue streams.

Looking at your organization, there may be many opportunities for creating apps. For example, an enterprise app can allow your sales team to access customer records on the road. With an enterprise app, your factory manager can monitor the status of equipment remotely while offsite.

Why More and More People are Producing Apps

Producing an app as part of a marketing campaign has become a standard approach for many sizeable organizations, but it could just as easily work for you. There have been some great brand awareness and viral marketing exercises done around producing apps that reinforce brand values by delivering a memorable or useful experience to the user.

How to Make Money with an App

Generating revenue by selling an entertaining or functional app directly to consumers has been very successful for some, so why can't yours be the next billion-dollar Instagram? Coming up with an idea is easy. Getting it downloaded enough to turn a profit is the hard part. Bear in mind that the reason apps are downloaded into the millions is that they are incredibly low-cost, even free. This means that- to make money- the app needs to sell in high volume and to achieve this requires a hefty marketing budget on top of app development costs. Don't be afraid to give your app away!

Top grossing apps on the Apple App Store are listed as free because they have moved the sale from the cost of the app to a purchase within it. Being creative with your revenue model can make all the difference between profit and loss.

Take Advantage of ATIMI's App Development Service

Technology is rapidly evolving. Today, we think of apps on phones, but we're already seeing wearable mobile devices such as watches, clothing, and glasses. Car manufacturers are investing heavily to bring this kind of functionality to vehicles, and most new TVs are Internet-ready. All of these require very specific apps, opening up new potential and possibilities for you.

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