The Importance of Adding Music and Effects on Videos


Music and effects play an important role in video making, creation, and editing. There is much significance of music and effects in video that we overlook and not pay attention to.


Music is a form of art and an expression of emotions through the medium of a sound. There are many kinds of music some of them are pop, rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, jazz, country, folk, opera, musical theater, rap, blues, fusion, reggae, Latin, and others. Making a Music can be by the use of our voice, instruments, recording, composition, and others.

Effects can be either lighting, scenery, sound, and animation that is artificial or mechanically made. These effects can be computer-generated and give a significant impact or impression on any video. These effects could be either a visual, video, sound, and others. 

Why Music is IMportant?

It is said in a scientific finding that music stimulates a part of our brain that relays the notion of emotions these could be happiness, sadness, and others. Music is important in videos because:

  • Captures the emotion of a viewer

Music stimulates our emotions giving us mixed feelings and add soul to a video

  • Lively atmosphere in a video

Music gives us a vibe of energy 

  • Makes a memorable video or scene 

It is said that a piece of good music can carry a video to perfection and have a significant impact on a video making it unforgettable.

  • Smooth change in setting or scenario

 Good music can make a smooth sailing change in the scenario making the change unnoticeable

Significance of Video effects

Effects give an impact in every video making it more realistic and natural in a way. Effects are significant in videos because:

  • A knack of surprise and a “Wow factor” 

This “wow factor” stimulates our senses making us remember it even after a few days of watching it.

  • An unforgettable memory of a video scene

Unforgettable seen in a video influence a perspective of a viewer and somehow their ideals. 

  • A clean and naturalistic view

These effects can make a video more realistic like it is happening in a real-life situation making the video more relatable in our life.

  • Captivate viewers

Good effects can enthrall a viewer making them feel the emotion in the video itself like they were there in the movie itself. 


Music and effects play a significant role in video editing these two factors make up a good video. Both of these factors capture the emotion, feeling, and sense of a viewer. It gives a video a good vibe, realistic, and influential knack in them. Making a high-quality video is vital in every platform or kind of video and a piece of superior music, effect, and video itself make a memorable and significant video. 

Effects and Music can be added to video editing by an app. You can try the free app by Mafooly, the zShot Video Editor Pro!

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