How to Insert Text to Video with zShot App?


Are curious on how to insert text to video?  You might need to insert text to your video whether it is for your social media advertisement, special event, or website. Convey your message by adding text on top of your video easily with zShot video editor.Videos are basically produced to convey the message of the creator to its target audience. And it is not only the visuals that help in doing so but also the text used. Texts on videos engage the audience and help them to fully understand the content of the video.Various businesses choose to add text and captions on their videos for marketing purposes. 80 percent more viewers watch an entire video if it has a caption or subtitle. Millions of videos are uploaded in the internet every day, so it is necessary for your content to stand out. Adding text to a video is one of the ways to make sure it happens.


A lot of internet users watch video with sounds off. So, to make sure that your audience gets your message, it is a good idea to add text to your video. Make your video contents stand out by using personalized fonts, colors, and animated texts that can be your brand and set you apart from competition. Also, there are 350 million people in the world who have troubles hearing, so adding text in your videos make your content accessible for them. It also makes it accessible for the viewers who do not have English as their native language. They will have the chance to translate your video if it has a text or subtitle.


Launch zShot appFrom your mobile’s App Store, download the zShot video editing app. Launch the zShot video editor to start editing.Import videoFrom zShot home screen, there are two options on how to import the video you want to edit. First option, click “edit existing video,” and it will direct you to your camera roll for you to choose the video you want to edit. Second option, click “record and edit” that will direct you to your phone camera for you to shoot the video you want to edit.Insert text to videoOn the video editing platform with your chosen video, click “object” from the panel below. On the “object” category, click “text.” Then, you will be directed to the screen where you can add text and do other necessary adjustments. Tap the screen for the keyboard to appear. Once you have input the text, there’s a panel above the keyboard where you can choose the alignment of the text. The circular arrow found at the bottom left corner of the text lets you rotate it, while tapping the “x” icon deletes the text. The arrow icon at the bottom right corner of the text lets you resize the text.Edit text on videoTap the screen so the keyboard will disappear. Once the keyboard disappeared, there’s a panel at the bottom where you can edit the font, animate the text, font color, and background color. On the font color and background, to adjust the transparency or opacity, move the circular icon sideward.On the editing platform, there are layers with texts indicated so you can make the text appear and disappear throughout the video. Move the arrow slider, to adjust the start time and end time of the text appearing on your video.  You can preview the video by clicking the “play” button at the left bottom corner of the video editing platform.Save and exportIf you have completed the video editing, click “save and export” icon at the top rightmost side of the screen

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