Insert a Picture to a Video with zShot

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Need to insert a picture to your video? Maybe you need to add a watermark or insert a logo to make customized video content. 

In this tutorial post, you will know how to add pictures to a video using zShot video editor pro. You don’t need any professional video editing skills to use zShot. Simply follow the step by step tutorial on this post to put images on top of your video creations.

Reason to Insert a Picture to a Video

Adding pictures to a video allows editors and creators to watermark or brand a video. Inserting images also helps cover up a blemish, or embed a photo.

Many people believe that in order to add an image to a video, you need to download a sophisticated video editing software program. Well, there’s a truth to that, but it’s not always the case. With zShot video editor pro,  you can achieve the same effect with a simple and user-friendly interface. 

Using zShot can easily insert an image onto a video. You can also rotate, scale, and place it perfectly on your videos with simple dragging and pinching movements. 

Add as many pictures as you want on any part of your clip with zShot app. Make something fresh and unique with your videos. Check out the simple steps below to learn how to insert a picture to a video with zShot. 

How to Add an Image to a Video?

Step 1: Start zShot App
Download and Install zShot from the App store. Once you’re done installing, open the zShot app.
At zShot app, you’ll see two buttons, the “Edit Existing Video” and “Record and Edit.” You can choose from any of these buttons to start editing your video. 

Step 2: Choose Video to Add Image
“Edit Existing Video” redirects you to your phone’s gallery to choose a video you want to edit.  

Step 3: Insert a Picture to a Video
After selecting a video, zShot will redirect you to the editing platform. Here, you’ll see the three main features of the app, Tools, Objects, and Enhance.
Choose Objects Feature to add an image to your video. Then look for “Images. Click it to insert an image to your video.
The Image icon when adding a picture is at the upper left corner of the editing tab. Choose an image from your gallery, and then zShot will automatically add it to your video.

Step 4: Adjust Image to your Video
zShot allows you to adjust and resize the image you add to your video. Just drag the adjustment arrow attached to the picture. 
You can also put or position an image anywhere on your video. You can put it as an intro or outro of your video content. Simply drag image adjustment bar. 

Step 5: Save and Export
Save your final video output and export it. Wait until the video is 100% exported before closing the zShot app. 

Use zShot App to Make Great Content

zShot is designed to be a simple yet powerful online video editor. We develop tools so we can help you speed up your video edits and assist you to produce engaging video content.

Inserting Picture to a Video is just one of the many features that zShot provides. Check out the other tools that zShot offers to make your video editing a breeze.

Video is, by far, one of the most influential media on the internet today. If you’re thinking to be the next social media influencer,  grow your audience by using zShot’s video editing features!