How to Trim/Cut Videos Easily with zShot video editor?

Are you wondering how to trim/cut videos with zShot? Today, we will talk about a basic tool that everyone who loves video editing should know!

Many of us if not all, often want to look good. This perception has made editing a process that is popularly known these days. Whether it’s for videos or photos, people are drawn to editing to satisfy their craving for aesthetic and improvement.

In today’s era, we have a variety of video editing apps that allow us to enhance clips or footage. Improving a video doesn’t always mean to add filters, effects, or transition; it also means to enhance by removing parts of the clip that are not good or unnecessary. Removing a part of the clip means trimming or cutting.

In zShot video editor, trim or cut is one of the basic editing features under “Tools.” Trim/Cut allows users to shorten videos by choosing which scenes look better.  Also, a lot of people love the idea of trimming videos because the tool  enables them to combine different shortened videos, creating better video content. This is just one of the important tools zShot video editor pro has. If you love editing videos, trim/cut tool is definitely a must-have! 


Here’s an easy guide on how to Trim/Cut Videos using the zShot app:

If you have an existing video, there are two options for you to start trimming/cutting it.

1. Click the “Edit Existing Video” or “Record and Edit.” 

Trim or Cut menu for existing and recorded videos in zShot/

2. Go to the Trim Video or Cut Video Option under the “Quick Tools” option.

Option 1 : “Editing Existing Video” or “Record and Edit”

To trim/cut videos in zShot, you can either tap “Edit Existing Video” or “Record and Edit.” Clicking the “Record and Edit” will direct you to your phone’s camera while “Edit Existing Video” button will lead you to your phone’s gallery. 

1. In your gallery, choose a video you want to trim/cut. Tap it and you’ll be directed back to the zShot video editor.
2. In zShot video panel, click “Choose.” This will compress your video for a few seconds.


Select a video from gallery or record footage real-time.

3. After your video is compressed, you’ll see a white panel below the screen containing the tools you need for editing. In that white panel, you have the Trim, Cut, Canvas, Speed, Flip, and Rotate tools. 
4. Choose the Trim or the Cut tool.

zShot showcases the trim/cut tool features.

5. Once you click Trim/Cut, you’ll see two panels below your screen.

a. The lower panel contains the frames in your video. On the extreme right and left of the panel, you have arrows that you can move to adjust and trim your video.

Move the panel from right or left to remove or trim videos.

b. The upper panel contains the total original time of the video and the output that shows the length of time after trimming. It also has the X and check mark buttons.

Total and Output of trimmed videos are shown in the editor.

6. Once you’re done with adjusting the arrows, you can tap the green checkmark icon.
7. After clicking the checkmark button, your trimmed video is available to you. Click the play button on your video to preview it.
8. Now, you can export and save your edited video onto your phone. You have the export and save button at the upper right of your screen. Wait for the video to be exported. Do not close the screen or lock your device while your video is being exported. Wait until it reaches 100%.

Save or export videos located in the upper right corner of zShot interface.

Option 2: Trim/Cut Video in Quick Tools Menu

1. You can do the same steps above for option 2. The only difference will be clicking the Trim Video, or Cut Video icon found in the quick tools section. 

There you have it, quick and easy! You don’t need to be an expert to trim and cut your videos. Editing videos can be that easy. You can trim/cut and combine to create new new video content in just a few steps sing zShot video editor. 

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