TOOLS: How To Reverse A Video With zShot App?

TOOLS: How To Reverse A Video With zShot App?

Ever wonder how to reverse a video on your iPhone or iPad? Playing your video backwards sure is fun. You can turn diving like you just came out of water or spilling milk as if it went back to your glass. But, how can you reverse a video with the zShot app?

Once you’ve launched your zShot app, you have the option to edit an existing video or record a new one and edit. After the video is compressed, you will see edit options under your video. Now, look for the fifth icon, “Reverse,” and there will be a pop-up question “Do you want to reverse video?” Choose “Reverse.” This process may take some time depending on your video size. But, fret not. Once the edit is done, you will have that fun and high-quality reversed video!

There are lots of IOS video editor apps out there, but why choose the zShot app? How is it different from the rest? And, what reversal ideas can you do with the zShot app this 2020?

Reverse a Video like a Pro!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? And for IOS at that! Yes, there are lots of really good video editor apps in the market, but it will cost you a couple of bucks for the “Pro Version.”

With the zShot Video Editor Pro, you can create, edit, and share your videos within minutes. It’s super easy and 100% free! You don’t even have to worry about watermarks. Your masterpiece is all yours.

Now, let us walk you through the process of reversing a video using our zShot app.

Get Your Own zShot App

If you haven’t downloaded one yet, click here to get your own zShot app. Once done, launch the app and you will see this.

Reverse a video in a snap with the zShot Video Editor Pro!

Upload Your Video

Now, you have the option of either “Edit Existing Video” or “Record and Edit.”

If you click “Edit Existing Video,” the app will redirect to your photos album and you can choose which video to edit.

If you click “Record and Edit,” the app will go to record mode and you can film right away.

Once you’ve chosen your video, the app will compress it to prepare it for editing.

The app will compress your video to prepare it for editing.

Click on “Reverse”

Now that your video is compressed and uploaded on the app, you will see edit options under your video. Find the fifth icon, “Reverse,” and click it. A pop-up question will appear that says “Do you want to reverse video?” Choose “Reverse.”

This may take some time depending on your video size. But, worry not. We made sure that your video will come out exactly the way you expect it to be.

Once done, you can upload this on any social media platform you are on. Your choice. Enjoy!

When a pop-up question appears saying “Do you want to reverse video?”, choose “Reverse.”

Cool Reversal Video Tricks

Now that you know how to reverse a video using the zShot app, let’s see what are the cool reversal video tricks you can try this 2020!

1. Plot Reverse

In script writing, there’s a common technique where you start a story at the end. Then, you can reverse the plot by doing some flashbacks as the story progresses. You can take this to another level with your videos. For example, someone who is sleeping can reverse to being awake, a dead one is brought back to life or love once lost is found again (insert happy sad emoji).

There are endless possibilities if you plan to reverse some elements of your plot, especially if you add some flashbacks to your video. Free your imagination and you’ll be surprised with the masterpiece you can create.

2. Build Up or Tear Down

Another way to spice up your story is by building, destroying or doing both for your video. Here’s what you can do. You can film yourself destroying a wall or building, then with reverse, that wall or building would look like it’s being built in fast motion.

Now, this is a big project or production, if you’ll ask me. So, be sure that you’re allowed and you have all the necessary safety gear to do that. You wouldn’t want to risk your safety for the sake of fame. Definitely not.

If possible, just start with Jenga blocks. That’s still fun! But without the dangers. (wink)

3. Bottomless Cappuccino

If you plan to go the extra mile for your videos, try capturing small elements using specific video techniques or take advantage of the setting you have.

Reverse a video to make it look like you’re drinking a bottomless cappuccino.

For example, if you want to film a bottomless cappuccino, record someone pouring the drink or making the coffee. Then edit yourself drinking it. But each time you put your coffee on the table, it gets filled again. You can even add a confused look to make it funny!

4. Change the Direction

If you’re traveling or on a trip, you can film vehicles, planes, boats and other traffic, then reverse the video to change the movement of your video. Why is this an interesting idea? For one, you can film it anywhere as vehicles are everywhere. Or if you’re on a nature adventure, you can film animals, birds or insects around you.

Filming moving things and putting it in reverse makes them look like they’re going back to the beginning. Or it can also look like they are in a different dimension where everyone is going backward. Try it out. Maybe you’ll find it as fun to do as we do.

5. Experiment with Time-Lapse

A candle or an hourglass loses or gains its look over time. If you reverse a video of each of them, you will create an alternative effect.

To make it more dramatic, you can even change the pace of the speed either element with time-lapse. For example, you can film a candle burning away fast, then suddenly focus on its flame in a slow-mo. Now, reverse. Believe me, that would look so cool! Like a memory that was long gone, but now was starting to haunt you.

Film a candle burning away fast, then suddenly focus on its flame in a slow-mo. Now, reverse.

Or with the reversed video of an hourglass, you will create a dramatic effect of bringing back the time that was wasted. It sounds like a deep plot, right? But all you did is reverse a video.

From the avant-garde to unique storyboards, there are lots of ways that you can put a twist on your recorded videos. Add to that the video reversal techniques and you can create your next short or full-length video masterpiece!

Capture the Moment

People seem to be too caught up in their own world these days, especially in this digital world where anything and everything is posted and shared online. They capture every move they make, every meal they eat, and every event they go to and flaunt it to others. Is that wrong?

We wouldn’t say it’s wrong, but you might be too busy capturing the occasion that you miss out on living at that moment. Videos are memories you can watch at any time. But before that moment becomes a memory, enjoy it. Savor it. Live it!

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