How to Make a Slideshow Video?
How to Make a Slideshow Video?

How to Make a Slideshow Video?

Competition is anywhere. In businesses alone, companies are in a very tight competition in order to be on top. Some of them are bringing up the game to the next level by maximizing what slideshow maker app technology has to offer, thus the slideshow videos, social media ads, and so much more. 

Whether you are working for a company or an individual trying to increase your follower base, a slideshow video is a compelling way to be a step ahead. 

It seamlessly works as a marketing tool on blogs, emails, newsletters, social networks, web pages, and so much more. 

Slideshow videos are an excellent move when trying to tell a story. It does miracles. This is a more effective way to engage your viewers than pictures or texts alone. 

The zShot App is a good choice when trying to make a slideshow video due to its flexibility. It allows you to have full control over the slideshow video that you are making. With it, adjusting the size and timing of each video to come up with a high-quality output is quick and easy. 

Create Slideshow with slideshow maker app.

The app comes with a lot of amazing features all for free. It is designed to give you the best user experience possible at no cost. 

In this article, you will find out how to make a slideshow video using zShot that can help you win the competition. 

Step-by-Step Way in Creating a Slideshow Video with zShot

Before anything else, you have to download first the zShot app in the Apple Store or Google Playstore

Step 1. Open the zShot App

Once installed, open the zShot app and click on the “zShot Slideshow Maker” option to get started. 

Step 2. Take Videos or Choose Videos from Library 

As mentioned above, the zShot app is flexible enough that it allows you to either shoot photos directly from it or choose from the ones you have in your gallery. 

You can add a maximum of 30 photos in one selection but you can always add more afterward. 

Click on the photos that you want to add in your slideshow video. 

Tip: Tap the photos based on their sequence that you want to appear on your slideshow video. 

In case you have clicked the wrong photo or you want to change the sequence of the photos, simply click on the (-) sign. 

After picking the photos that you want to include in your slideshow video, click on the “Next” option located at the top right corner of the screen. 

If you want to add more photos on the slideshow video that you will make, click on the image icon at the lower part of the screen. You are allowed to add up to 30 more images on the slideshow video. 

Step 3. Add Music, Text, or Stickers

Once you are done adding all the photos that you will need in creating a slideshow video, start going into details by adding either text, music, or stickers. 

To add music to the slideshow video, click on the music icon located at the lower part of the screen. The zShot app comes with a wide range of music choices that you can use for free. You can also record your own music right into the app or simply select from your existing recordings. If not, import your music choice from iTunes. 

To add text, click on the Text icon in order for a text box to appear on the screen. Click on the text box and start typing in. Once done typing the text, change the font color and font style from the variety of choices that zShot offers.

Once you are done changing the font style and font color of our text, then choose your preferred alignment. 

If you wish to change the location of your text, just hold and drag the top left corner of the text box and slide to where you want it to be. 

The bottom left corner of the textbox can be used to rotate it, the top right corner to delete, and the bottom right corner to resize it. 

To add stickers into your slideshow video, click on the stickers option. Choose from the plethora of stickers that come with zShot and drag the stickers anywhere on the screen where you want to place it. 

If you do not want to add either music, text, or sticker into your slideshow video, simply skip these steps. 

Step 4. Adjust the Speed

Slowdown or speed-up slideshows with slideshow maker app.

After adding music, text, and stickers into your slideshow video, adjust the speed by clicking on the Display Tab. Tap on the speed icon to adjust the speed. 

Clicking the Speed icon will make all photos appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the image that you want to adjust the speed. A slider will pop up. Drag the slider left to increase the speed or right to decrease.

By default, each slide lasts for two seconds only. 

Step 5. Change the Theme

Apply different themes in slideshow maker app.

If you want to change the default theme, tap the Display tab, then click on the Theme icon. The zShot app has a great choice of themes ranging from rain to hearts and snow, and so much more. 

Dragging the slider to the left or right will increase or decrease the opacity of the slideshow animations. 

Step 6. Change the Transition

Change the transition of your photos to spice up your slideshow video a little more. Changing the transition of your photos will make your slideshow photos more interesting and engaging. This will keep your slideshow video from looking too plain and boring. 

To change the transition of your photos, click on the Display tab, then click “Transitions”. Clicking on the transitions will make all your photos appear on the bottom part of the screen. The transition styles are also displayed between each photo. 

Change the transition by clicking on the transition icon and choose from transition options. 

Be default, the transition used is left sliding. 

Step 7. Change the Canvas

Change canvas with slideshow maker app.

In case you want to change the canvas of your slideshow video, you can do it by clicking the Canvas tab then, choose from the Canvas choices. 

The different Canvas choices include Facebook (Profile, Cover, Landscape, Portrait, Carousel, and Story), Instagram (IG TV, Standard, Landscape, Portrait, and Story), Twitter (Profile, Header, In-Stream), Youtube (Standard), WhatsApp (Portrait, Square, Status), Tiktok (Post), LinkedIn (Square and Portrait), and Pinterest (Square and Portrait). 

By default, the canvas size of zShot slideshow is 640 x 640. 

Step 8. Save and Export

Once you are done editing or making your slideshow video, save it, and then export it afterward. You can do this by clicking on the save and export icon which you can see at the top right corner of the screen. 

You can choose the resolution of the slideshow video that you have made. The following resolutions are your choices:

  • Medium quality – 360p
  • Large quality – 480p
  • High definition – 720p
  • Full High Definition – 1020p
  • Ultra – 4k

If you want to directly share the slideshow video that you have made through a message, simply click on the Share icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen. 


A slideshow video is one of the most underrated ways to keep your business or page on track. It does not only attract potential clients, but also has the capacity to sell off products and expand your follower base. Much more than anything, a slideshow video is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Interested in the zShot App? Download it today in the Apple Store or Google Playstore

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