How to Adjust Video Speed in 5 Easy Steps with zShot app?

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Are you curious about how to adjust video speed using zShot video editor? Well, you are on the right track. The next sentences will walk you through the easy steps on how to adjust video speed in five easy steps, using zshot’s user-friendly interface.

There are various reasons why you need to adjust the speed of a video. You might want to be extra creative that you wish to do a time-lapse or fast motion effect or you want to slow down the video for a dramatic impact. Adjusting the original speed of a video can offer you a spectacular or theatrical effect when you slow it down. On the other hand, speeding up a video will result in a funny or comical effect. With zShot video editor, you can instantly speed up or slow down your video with just a couple of taps.

Nowadays, in an era where everyone is fond of uploading videos on the internet for entertainment or whatever purpose, using video editing applications became a norm. If you’re into video editing or you simply want to be creative on your social media platforms, try the zShot video editor. This app boasts its easy to access features, which include speeding or slowing down videos.

Let us hop on to the steps on how to adjust video speed:

How to Adjust Video Speed in 5 Steps in zShot Video Editor?

First and foremost, you have to download zShot video editor on your mobile phone. Have the application launched and setup. Then wait for the installation process on your mobile phone. When you have finished installing it, launch the zshot app to adjust the speed of your video.

  1. On the video editing platform, select “Edit Existing Video” or “Record and Edit.” Clicking “Edit Existing Video” will lead you to your photo gallery to choose the desired video to edit. On the other hand, the button “Record and Edit” will lead you to your phone’s camera.zShot main interface with edit existing video and record and edit button.

2. Once you have you have chosen the desired video to edit, the video will compress before leading you back to the video editing platform.

Select Video and then compress in zShot.

3. Now, when you are back at the video editing platform, you’ll see the three main feature tools of zShot. The “Tools,” “Objects,” and “Enhance,” as seen below. Tap “Speed” under the “Tools” icon.

Tap speed icon to adjust video speed.

4. Next, it will lead you to the video editing platform where you will adjust the speed of the video. At the bottom part of the platform, there is an “X” and “Check” icon. Below that panel is the scale with a small circle where you can hover to adjust the video speed. You can preview the video to check the speed.

Use zShot to slow down video speed.
Adjust speed of videos using zShot app.

5. Then when you have the desired speed of the video, click the “check” icon. After selecting the check icon, it will lead you back to the screen with the “Tools,” “Objects,” “Enhance” features. Tap the “export and save” icon at the top rightmost part of the screen. And there you have it! You already adjusted the speed of the video based on your preference.