How To Add Filter on Video
How To Add Filter on Video

How To Add Filter on Video

Are you interested in knowing how to add a filter on videos? This knowledge will be a huge help if you love editing. Adding filters on videos is a popular and in-demand feature in any video editor app like zShot. In this article, we’ll get to know the steps on how to add a filter on videos.

zShot app video editor.

It is a natural response or course of action for us to edit when output is not good enough or when a byproduct is flawed. We always want to look great. And, the truth is we seek beauty and perfection in most things but it cannot be achieved at once. Perfection, in particular, is a result of a series of trial and errors. The things we see around us are hard evidence that beauty and perfection are achieved through a process. For example, the best shot in a photoshoot is achieved after how many shots are taken. In addition, the movies we watch in cinemas have to go through innumerable editing before it is released to the public. This is also true with our own videos. We can’t get the best shot at once. Editing is needed to acquire the best result in our videos.

A filter is a tool that many of us are familiar with. Most of us, if not all, have used this tool when editing a photo. We add it to our photos because it helps us improve their quality. A filter is also used with videos. Adding filter on videos helps us enhance their quality by completely changing its overall appearance and atmosphere. In zShot, the filter tool allows you to achieve good results in a few easy steps.

Add filter to video with zshot video editor.

The great thing about zShot is that it has a great collection of filters you can choose from that will best fit your mood and desired outcome. Let’s get to know how to add a filter on video using zShot.

  1. Add your video In your zShot video editing app, you can add your video by going to the “Edit Existing Video” option. Choose your video file and the app will compress the video for you. It will direct you to the editing section of the app. You’ll see different video enhancing tools.
  2. Add filters This is the step where you’ll be editing your video. You can add filters by clicking the “Enhance” option in the lower panel of the app. In this option, you’ll see 3 different tools: Filters, Effects, and Adjustments. Of course, we want to use filters. zShot has 10 filters to offer. You can choose the one that gives you the right mood and that one you think is best for your video.
  3. Save your video Once you have decided which filter to use, you can now save your video. To do this, just click the green check button. You can then preview your filtered video before saving it. This gives you the chance to re-edit your video if you don’t think the filter fits the entire mood of your video. But, if you think it’s good as it is, you can click the export and save button.

So, there you have the 3 easy steps you need to know about how to add filter on your videos using zShot. You don’t need to worry and remember so many steps on adding filter on your videos. You just need these 3 steps and your video will definitely have a new appearance.

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