Flip your Videos with zShot App

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Flip your Videos – Nowadays people love taking videos and posting it after in their social media accounts. Most of the time, the subject of the videos are themselves or anything they experience within the day. It seems that people are so engrossed with documenting their lives and showing it online for the world to see. There’s nothing wrong with that. And because it’s for all to see, it’s good to have the videos edited and make sure they look good. It is for this reason that many video editing apps have been developed.

Flip your Videos – One good feature or tool of a video editing app is flip. Before anything else, let’s quickly define what is flip a video? Generally, to flip a video is like turning a page of a book to another. We can also imagine it as looking at yourself in the mirror. It is turning the video over the center axis.

The good thing about the flip a video tool in a video editing app is you can give your audience a good view and orientation of your video. Flipping a video is so easy with zShot. You might be wondering how to flip a video using zShot video editing app and how easy it is to do in the app. Below are few easy steps you to follow when flipping your video.

  1. Open zShot video editing app
    You must have downloaded the app and it’s available in the App store.

2. Go to edit existing video
Once you open the app, you’ll see two options above for the your video source. The “edit existing video” is the option you’ll choose if you have an existing video you want to edit.

3. Find and choose the video you want to edit
You’ll be directed to your gallery albums so you can find the video of your choice. Once you have it, your video will appear and you’ll need to click “CHOOSE” and the app will compress your video.

4. Click the flip icon
You’ll see the flip icon in the tools panel below your screen. Click that icon and choose either to flip vertical or horizontal.

5. Click the check button, then export and save your video
Finally, when your video has been flipped. It’s now ready to be saved. Your video is good to be uploaded.

With just a few steps, you can flip your video in your smartphone. You don’t need to be a video editing expert to do that. There is no need to remember so many steps and complicated terms to flip your video. The zShot app is all you need to help you edit your video easily. Also remember that with the zShot app, you can combine and edit more than 1 video at a time. Isn’t it great and amazing? The process that used to be only done in computers can now be executed in your smartphone. You can edit your videos anytime and anywhere you like. Your videos can always be ready to be uploaded in your social media account.