Easy Steps to Adjust Video Exposure with zShot

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Do you want enhance and adjust exposure of video to achieve its best quality? Even though you are under the perfect lighting conditions, your footage can have problems. Or sometimes your phone camera did not do its job right on the video’s exposure, but the documented memory is worth keeping. The right post production tools can help you achieve the exposure you want for your video. zShot video editor got your back! In this article, you will learn how to adjust the exposure of your video with a couple of clicks and you will get your desired video quality.

Video Exposure

The exposure of your footage or video is affected by the amount of light that reaches the sensor your camera. During the days of film camera, a mechanism was physically placed in front of the film. So when you took a photo, the mechanism moves and it allows light to hit the film for a time. Then the mechanism would move back to place to block the light again. And that is how you literally expose the film to light.

Due to the advance technology, there are already built in features in your cameras that work together to control the exposure of your footage. These are the aperture, shutter speed, and the gain or ISO.

In your videos there are times that you want a lot of light, and sometimes, very little. For example, lots of light a mountain scene at noon or not much light in an abandoned building scene at night. If you got the exposure wrong, your mountain scene at noon will look like you are seeing it through a sunglasses and your abandoned building at night won’t be spooky.

In other words, a well-exposed image does not have too much white or commonly known as overexposed. It must not also be underexposed or has too much black.

Guide to Adjust Video

Now that we already have a glimpse on the importance of a well exposed video, let’s adjust your video’s exposure with zShot.

Launch zShot video editor

  • The app is available to download on App Store. Download and launch zShot video editor to adjust the exposure of your video.

Import video

  • Once the app is launched, at the homepage of the video editor, there are two options to import the video. If you choose the “edit existing video,” you will be directed to your camera roll for you to choose the video to edit. And if you choose “record and edit,” you will be directed to your phone camera to shoot the video to edit.

Edit video

  • When you already have the video you wish to edit, at the video editing platform, there are options at the bottom part of the screen to choose from. Click the “enhance” icon, then “adjustments” to adjust the exposure of the video.
  • Once you click the “adjustments,” there will be another set of features where you need to click “exposure.” Move the circular icon from left to right motion to adjust the exposure of your video.

Save video

  • Click the green check icon when you have the desired video exposure. Then select the “export and save” icon at the top rightmost side of the screen.