Best Video Editing App For Instagram
Best Video Editing App For Instagram

Best Video Editing App For Instagram

What is the best video editor app for Instagram? What are the advantages of posting videos on Instagram instead of just static images?

Use the ZShot app if you’re looking for the best video editing app. The ZShot is one of the newest, and most versatile app in the market today that offers more than just video editing capabilities. Aside from editing videos, it can also serve as a photo editor, a document scanner, and a slideshow maker.

zShot video editor app for video editing.

But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and see if it provides you with more than your average video editing app in the market today. We’ll wait for your positive reviews afterwards.

The Rise Of Videos

There’s no denying that video is the way to go in this day and age. We now have faster Internet connections which allows users to view videos uninterrupted in and out of their homes. Anywhere you go, a stable connection can be found.

As soon as everyone found out you can upload videos easily, the race to make better films became all the rage. In the past, you’d have to take what little footage you had to an expert and let them edit it for you. If you’re lucky, you’d be sitting in the same room as the editor and he’d allow you to make suggestions.

Most of the time, you’re left at the mercy of their “artistic” approach to their craft.

Something had to be done to allow regular consumers to edit their own videos the way they wanted. Video editing software eventually found itself into home PCs and as of late, mobile devices.

Because everyone now had access to editing tools, the amount of videos on YouTube also exploded. There are millions of videos uploaded every minute to the site. That’s a lot of videos made available to the public. How can you make yours stand out?

That’s where your creativity comes in. It’s your footage, it’s your story, so tell it the way you want to.

And let’s face it, sometimes videos are just more interesting than pictures. After all, if pictures say a thousand words, and videos are a series of images presented at a fast clip, wouldn’t you say one vid is worth millions of words?

Instagram’s Move To Videos

Instagram used to just be a photo sharing app. Images could be posted for everyone to enjoy.

And that was a great thing while it lasted.

But then Facebook started stories and that became an overnight success. Everyone is also familiar with YouTube’s success as an entertainment tool mainly through videos.

Instagram had to do something or else go the way of the dinosaurs. Or worse, like Myspace and Friendster. Anyone remember that? No? My point exactly.

You have to innovate to survive.

Early adapters were confused and there were mixed reviews of Instagram’s new feature but they eventually embraced it. The great thing is that now you have the option of either posting a single image, a series of images, or a video.

That’s why Instagram continues to be one of the top social media platform apps used all over the world today.

Why Should You Edit Your Videos?

Videos are great for telling stories. The best stories are composed in a manner where the narrative is constantly pushed forward while keeping the viewer in the loop.

Great stories can be told with a few words. It doesn’t always start out that way. Usually, the author has an entire notebook full of words that he meticulously shaves off until what’s left is the narrative he only wants included in the end-product.

The same logic applies to videos. The reason why directors ask for several takes and films countless reels of footage is so they have enough product at the end to choose and use. A 30-second, professionally edited clip can be the result of an hour’s worth of raw footage cut and spliced to only show the important parts.

If you want people to like your videos enough to subscribe to your channel, you’d want to provide them with enough education and entertainment to make it worth their while. Editing your videos so the message doesn’t get lost in translation is a great way to tell your story for your audience’ enjoyment.

So, take lots of footage and carefully edit it so it becomes a well-crafted story and watch your channel become a success.

Features You Should Look For

What are the things you should look for in a video editing app?

The most important thing is ease of use. Apps are targeted to cater to the average consumer’s needs. This won’t work if it’s complicated to use. Dragging and dropping footage into a timeline should be easy to do for anyone with a basic understanding of how to edit videos.

Combining video and photos should be easy so you can change scenes or make transitions seamless. Adding text so your audience has a better idea of what you’re saying in your video is another plus.

There should also be a way to crop footage to the exact length you need to tell a good story. Having a library of basic and advanced special effects is a plus. The ability to add and remove audio is also helpful. ZShot ups the ante by including reverse and flipping effects. Now that makes videos more interesting!

Last but not least, you should be able to compress the video size for uploading purposes.

That’s basically it. Editing videos should be a fun, painless, highly-creative process that you should enjoy.

Extra Features

ZShot is a multi-dimensional app. Aside from being a video editing app, it also doubles as a photo editor.

Not impressed?

How about adding slideshow making capabilities and scanning documents into the mix?

ZShot is capable of doing all these.

But why should this concern you?

Making videos is all about expanding your creativity in all directions. Adding special effects is something most video editing apps already offer. But not all include adding pictures, slideshows and documents into the end product. You can do this by downloading several apps to get those functionalities.

ZShot essentially puts all of that into one neat package. One download and you have four tools at your disposal. Easy.

Photo Editor

Sometimes you’ll have to present photos to give your viewers a better idea of what you’re talking about. The photo editor function is a full suite with menus allowing you to crop, edit, color correct, blur, or add special effects. After editing your photos, you can then add it to your video however you want to present it.

Edit photos with photo editor app.

Slideshow Maker

There are times when the only video you need to make is a simple slideshow. These are easy to follow vids that anyone can appreciate. Slideshows can be manipulated in any way with special effects, audio, and other things. You can even add your own voice into it when you make it into a full video.

Create slideshow using slideshow maker app.

Document Scanner

This is especially helpful for students and teachers. Actually, everyone who needs to see documents during a video.

Scan documents with Document Scanner App.

That’s what ZShot does well. It can scan a document and then you can attach it in your video as part of the presentation or as an added file they can download to better understand your film.

ZShot is probably the only video editing app with this functionality thrown into the mix.


More In Store?

ZShot is constantly being updated to ensure that it’s on the cutting edge of technology. There are software developers and engineers constantly tweaking the app to include functionalities that are useful for users.

Users can also make suggestions. These are taken into consideration and added to make the user experience better.

The best thing about this is that the app is constantly being improved to ensure pros and amateurs alike can enjoy it without worrying about crashing or losing their files.

In Conclusion:

The search for the best video editing app is an endless quest. There will always be newer apps cropping up in the market with features that professionals and amateurs will truly appreciate.

ZShot is just one of those apps that are spearheading the movement in creating high-quality vids for uploading to Instagram. It is constantly being updated to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest needs of videographers at all levels.

Is ZShot the best video editing app for Instagram? That’s a pretty hefty claim, but then again, who has all the features this nifty app has besides being a pro-level video editing app?

Try it today and see for yourself.


Related Questions:

Can I Edit Footage Taken By My Regular Camera On The ZShot App?

Yes, as long as you can transfer it into digital form. Any digital footage can be loaded into the app and manipulated in any manner you want. Even pictures taken on film can be transferred into digital form which is a great way to preserve them. You can use your mobile device’s camera or a scanner to do that.

Do My Videos Stay On My Instagram Forever?

Yes. Videos uploaded into your Instagram last forever or as long as you decide to keep them there. You can also choose to make those videos private if you want to keep it for your own enjoyment. Aside from uploading videos to Instagram, you can also do the same for YouTube, Vimeo, and other tube sites.

Can I Use My PC Instead Of Using A Mobile App To Edit My Videos?

Yes. Using a PC is actually preferable to using mobile apps because of the processing power these devices have. It’s also easier to use a PC because you have access to a mouse or a track pad. You can pull several files into one with ease and not have to worry about crashing.

The only downside is, you can’t always bring your PC with you and that’s where mobile apps come in handy.

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