Best Free Video Editor App iPhone
Best Free Video Editor App iPhone

Best Free Video Editor App iPhone

Sometimes, pictures aren’t always enough. People need to see action. Emotion. Movement. They need to hit that replay button and see things happen and happen again. That’s why videos entertain us to no end. 

As an iPhone user, you might wonder: how can I record and then edit awesome videos on my iPhone? You can actually do that on just about any video editor app available on the App Store.

But how do you know you’re using the best free video editing app? 

It’s that one app that can allow you to seamlessly edit videos fast—and let you do so much more. We’re talking about our very own video editor app, zShot, where you can edit clips and photos, create slideshows, make collages, and even scan documents. 

Enjoy five amazing apps with zShot app.

In this post, we will talk about when you should use a free video editor app on iPhone. We’ll also talk about the features that make zShot the best app for turning those ordinary videos into extraordinary. 

Free video editor app

Edit clips with zShot video editing app.

When you hear “free,” what comes to your mind? Gimmick? Overcompensation? If you agree, then it’s time to change your mind about the word “free”, especially when it comes to video editor apps. 

You will be missing out on the great things that the “free” stuff is offering if you stick to that mindset. 

Why? That’s because free doesn’t always mean cheap or poor-performing. Free is about the possibilities—the boundlessness of your imagination. With “free”, you also have the ability to test over and over again, aiming for the best possible result—without shelling out too many Benjamins.  

See? There is value in free things. 

Why use a video editor on your iPhone?

As someone who wants to put out the best content, it might be tempting for you to just use desktop editing software instead of an iPhone video editing app.

After all, the “big guns” can handle anything, right? 

Well, that might be true—but when we are talking about pragmatism, it’s always more reasonable to let the small guys handle stuff. 

But don’t let the word small fool you.

With an iPhone video editing app, you get the same powerful editing weapons, but in a more practical platform. It’s also easier to edit vertical videos—or any video—since it’s primarily designed for those functions. 

And if it doesn’t require adding Hollywood-level special effects, why waste time launching a heavy-lifting desktop editing software on your poor laptop? 

The key here is being sure about the output that you want.

Do you want fun vertical videos you can quickly share on social media? If that’s the case, then an iPhone video editor app will be your best friend. 

When to use an iPhone video editor app

You now know that it’s best to use an iPhone video editor app for practicality. But exactly when should you use it? 

You can use an iPhone video editor app for the following purposes:

Resize a video 

Different social media platforms require ideal sizes, formats, and frame rates per second (FPS) for their videos. Facebook, for example, requires landscape or square videos to have the dimensions 1200 x 628. Instagram, meanwhile, requires MP4 videos with 30 FPS. That is why you need an iPhone video editing app to resize your videos conveniently.

Simply enhance a clip

Oftentimes, the near-noon sunlight or the lamp in your room doesn’t just provide the right lighting for your videos. This can be frustrating because the lighting is crucial in a video. That’s why you need a handy iPhone video editor app to make your clips brighter or darker. You can adjust the saturation levels or increase the contrast. Enhancing videos is effortless on an iPhone app. 

Create a new perspective

Seeing things from one perspective is not only boring but also dangerous. How can you be creative if you can’t imagine things from different perspectives? With a video editing app, you can crop, rotate, and zoom in on a particular scene in your clip. You can have fun switching up the views and angles to express different messages and movements. Now, that is what we call smart editing!

Change the mood of a video

What do you want the viewers to feel when they watch your video? Happiness? Fear? Sadness? To influence what they feel, you have to change the mood of your video by adding filters. Depending on the filter, any video can have a joyful or gloomy mood. That’s the magic of filters—which you can easily get from a video editor app.  

Adding context to an ordinary video

You might have recorded a video of a pristine morning in your garden or patio. While it’s beautiful on its own already, you feel the need to add a few words from a famous poem or nature sound effects. By having a handy video editor app, you can quickly amplify the muted beauty of an ordinary video. Just add sentences or sound effects.

Creating short clips of special moments

If you’re making a special birthday video or anniversary montage, it’s better if you use your iPhone to record clips. That’s because videos recorded on smartphones are not only practical but also more intimate. Why? Recording iPhone videos for birthday greetings is typically spontaneous, so the person’s message is more likely to be truthful. As you can see, it’s certainly more beneficial to record videos on an iPhone and then edit them on an iPhone video editor app.

Record a short film

Did you know that the music video of Lady Gaga’s hit single, Stupid Love, and the full-length feature film, Tangerine, was all entirely shot on iPhones? If they can record videos with those lengths, then what’s stopping you from recording a 10-minute film? With an awesome script or concept, all you need is a light video editor app and quick editing lessons to record a short movie. 

zShot video editor app: Features you’ll love

If you’re looking for a reliable iPhone video editor app, zShot is your best choice. Besides being packed with so many features, it’s insane to know that it’s 100% free. With these features on zShot’s video editor, you can whip up creative videos for your friends and family: 

Add text to videos.

Add text to clips with zShot.

On zShot, you can add messages, lyrics, and quotes to your videos to send the right message. Just don’t forget to use the right font to make everything perfect! 

Add emoji to videos.

Are you making videos for the younger generation? Or are you trying to appear more casual and light with your content? Add emojis to your clips. Even having them alone on the videos is already enough to communicate what you feel. 

Trim and Cut/Delete the middle part of a video.

Sometimes, awkward silences, bloopers, and word vomit ruin a good video! Don’t let that happen. You can easily cure those imperfections with zShot’s Trim and Cut/Delete tools. 

Merge videos

Making a montage? Slideshow? Or just compilations of photos or memes that you like? Do all those on zShot’s video editor! You can even choose if you want to merge them side-by-side or end-to-end. 

Adjust video speed.

With zShot, you can also emphasize a movement or show progress without adding more seconds to your video. Just decrease or increase its speed. 

Change Canvas size.

As we’ve mentioned, social media platforms have varying requirements such as the size or format. Using zShot, you can quickly change the size of your square video if you want to post it on your IG or FB story. 

Add filters.

Apply filters to videos using zShot video editor app.

Does your video have a bluish tone that makes the video feel gloomy? Add a filter that will make it warmer such as zShot’s Warm filter. And if you want to make your video look as if Andy Warhol made it? Use the Luminance filter! zShot has other fun filters that will make your video extra interesting. 

Add background music to your videos.

Want to add oomph to that GIF or a short video? You can import music and sounds from your iPhone’s storage to your videos using zShot. On the app, you can even adjust the volume of the video and the song or sound effect. 

Create and edit subtitles.

Adding subtitles is not just for people who want to enjoy foreign films. You may also have friends or followers who have a hard time hearing. So, use zShot to add subtitles and make them enjoy your videos! 

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Best free video editor app

With the array of tools available on the zShot video editor, it’s hard to believe that the app is free. But, thankfully, it is. 

zShot is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Download zShot now!

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