Adjust Color Tint with zShot Video Editor Pro

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Apply Color Tint – Want to learn more about adjusting color tint on video? You are on the right page. With zShot video editor, you could easily adjust and play with the color tint on your video.

When you have been processing a video for some time now, your processes and procedures can be a routine that you get fed up setting the same adjustments. It happens without digging deeper into other tools and techniques. Yes, it is important to have a cohesive and aesthetically appealing social media feeds, but it is time to step up your game! If you feel like you are stuck on the same editing tool, it is the perfect time to switch things up. Learning new things is always a good way to consume your creative juices and exercise your creative muscle. Like color tinting a video. Color tint is one of the editing tools that is usually set aside. You adjust the exposure, the contrast, but you seldom adjust the tint. But don’t you know that the tint tool is the quickest and most powerful ways to change up the look of a video? Apply Color Tint

Why adjust tint on video?

While color temperature ranges within the reddish and bluish spectrum, tint ranges within the green and magenta spectrum.

Whether you want to test your video editor self or make a more creative approach on editing, you can never go wrong with zShot. The color tint tool in zShot video editor provides a total control over the tints and tones in your videos. Apart from being a perfect tool to step up your video editing creativity, it is also great for color creating.

The cool thing about the tint tool is that it allows you to assign one color to the highlights of your video. This tool can also separate color to the shadows of your video. This editing technique is also known as split toning. It can also be used to correct subtle color or get vibrant colors for a totally crazy look.

You can either combine color tint with other features for a unique look or use it on its own. Either way, you will have a blast creating momentous videos.

Guide to adjust tint on video

Let us now proceed and adjust tint on video using zShot video editor.

  1. First, download zShot video editor on your phone. The app is available to download on App Store. Next launch it to adjust the color tint of your video.
  1. After downloading and launching the app, you will see two options at the homepage where you can get the video to edit. When you choose “edit existing video,” you will be directed to your camera roll to choose the existing video to edit. When you choose the “record and edit,” you will be directed to your phone camera to shoot and record the video on the spot.
  1. Once you have the video to edit. You will see on the video editing platform various features to choose from. Select the “enhance” icon, then “adjustments” to adjust your video’s color tint.
  1. After clicking the “adjustments,” you will be directed to a different set of features: “contrast,” “brightness,” “saturation,” “tint,” and a lot more. Click “tint,” hover the circular icon to adjust the desired color tint of your video.

Once satisfied with the color tint of the video, click the green check icon found at the right side of the video editing platform. Then tap the “export and save” icon.