Add Video Effects using zShot to Make Amazing Content

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Looking for a mobile video editor with great effects that will give you the opportunity to enhance your videos? You’ve found it! zShot Video Editor Pro for iPhones offers amazing video effects to get your creative mind rolling. Using video effects will help you turn your footage into professional-looking videos.

If you don’t know how to add video effects to make video content, check our brief tutorial below – it will guide you on how to use zShot video effect tool. 

Use of Effects for Videos on Mobile Phones

The emergence of smartphones enabled humans to have so many powers or abilities. One of the qualities smartphones offer is the ability to capture and document precious moments in lives with the help of its well-loved feature, the camera. The specs of smartphone cameras are one of the major factors you consider when buying smartphones. It is because people want to get high-quality output when capturing and documenting experiences and encounters. However, no matter how good cameras are, people continue to seek for a better quality of photos and videos.

Using smartphone cameras alone can only capture the moment but not the mood, atmosphere, or emotions that come along with those moments. This is where adding effects comes in.

For recording videos, you can add video effects to make and give them better quality. You can also add video effects to match the mood, atmosphere, and emotions you want to have and feel with the videos.

Guide on Adding Effects Using zShot Video Editor Pro

Video effect is a tool the allows you to edit, enhance, and even transform videos. Adding video effects is simple. You don’t need to be an expert in advance video editing software for you to add video effects. So, there is no reason to get intimidated with the idea of editing, enhancing, or transforming your videos. You just need a great video editing app like zShot and adding video effects will be a breeze. You’ll be an expert in no time.

You don’t need high-tech gadgets to add cool effects to your videos. You only need the zShot app. zShot comes with a wide array of video effects that you can use. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide in editing your videos and adding effects. 

  1. Choose your video

Simply go to your zShot app and click “Edit Existing Video.” Choose the video you want to add video effects on.

2. Add effects

In the lower portion of the app, click the “Enhance” button and choose “Effects. You’ll find a wide array of video effects you can choose from. Select the effect that best fit the mood you want to give to your video. Once you have selected a video effect, click the green check button. This will let you preview your video with the effect you chose for it.

3. Save and Export your video

You’re done with adding video effects to your video, click the Export and Save button at the upper right portion of your app. In just a few seconds, your edited video is ready for you. You can upload it in your social media account to share it with your family or friends.

As promised, adding video effects with zShot is fast and easy. With just a few clicks, you can edit, enhance, and transform your videos. So, if you have a bunch of videos to edit, don’t worry, zShot can help you do it fast and easy.