Add Stickers to Videos using zShot Video Editor Pro

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Do you want to know how to add stickers on your videos? Well, it is super easy using zShot video editor. zShot video editor offers a wide array of sticker selections you can choose from. And at the end of this tutorial, you can definitely add stickers on your videos easily.

Taking video is one of the ways to document something memorable that you want to safe keep and review in the future. Adding a sticker will make a video more personal and fun. It is also a way to express and convey one’s emotion visually in an interesting way.

Now, we will learn the steps on how to add stickers on a video:

How to add stickers to your videos with easy steps in zShot video editor?

Definitely, you have to download zShot video editor on your phone, launch, and set up the application. Then, proceed to the video editing platform to add stickers on your video.

  1. Select “Edit Existing Video” that will lead you to your photo gallery to choose the video you want to add sticker. You could also select “Record and Edit” leading you to your phone camera for you to record a video.
  2. Once you have chosen or recorded the video you want to edit, the video will compress and then lead you back to the video editing platform.

3. On the video editing platform, there are icons found at the bottom part, the “Tools”, “Objects”, “Enhance.” Select “Objects” that will lead you to the options you wish to add on your video like “Music”, “Text”, “Stickers”, “Images”, etc.

4. Next, select “Stickers”. After selecting “Stickers”, it will lead you to the selection of stickers. There are “smiley”, “flower”, “sunglasses”, “head”, and “moustache” icons which represent the categories of the wide array selections of stickers.

5. When you have the chosen sticker, drag and drop where you want to place the sticker. You can adjust the size by using the slider icon at the bottom right corner of the sticker. While the circular arrow found at the bottom left corner of the sticker lets you rotate it. While tapping the “x” icon at the top right corner deletes the sticker.

6. Adjust the transparency or opacity of the sticker by hovering the circular icon between the “x” and “check” icons found at the top of the stickers.

7. You are also capable of making the stickers appear and disappear throughout the video. There are layers with stickers indicated. By moving the arrow slider, you can adjust the start time and end time of each layer to control the visibility of the sticker on the video. You can preview the video by clicking the “play” button at the right bottom corner of the video editing platform.

8. Once you are satisfied with the stickers on your video, click the check icon. Select the “Export and Save” icon found at the top rightmost corner of the video editing platform. And there you have it!