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Creating videos has never been so easy with zShot Video Editor tool! Trim, cut, or merge your clips to get the perfect length. You can even add music, text, or change the canvas to make a perfect story.

No other device has made it so far into the lives of the people as smartphones do. Smartphone owners are spending more time on their phones than anything else. The rise of smartphones has given birth to a lot of mobile apps ranging from our easy to use video editor app to learning apps, gaming apps and the list goes on.

What puts smartphones on the hot seat’ are the camera and the video capture features that they have. Every now and then, the market is bombarded with new phones with cameras beating their predecessors. In fact, smartphone cameras are in a tight competition with DSLRs that photo editing and video editing apps have become a top niche in the mobile market app.

Video Editing App Free

One of the best free video editing apps today is the zShot Video Editor. zShot is a mobile video editing app with an intuitive interface created by Mafooly which makes the best video editing software experience fun and video creation simple. More than just a powerful video editor app, zShot makes it possible to create high-quality videos, collages and slideshows, edit photos, and scan documents.

zShot comes with a very simple and easy user interface offering the most basic to the most advanced video editing software tools in creating professional-looking videos in just a few clicks. The mobile video editing app itself is a full feature fun video editing experience with an uncluttered easy to use and well-designed user editing controls with special features designed to simplify video clips editing, audio mixing, audio editing, sound effects, color correction, visual effects, and audio files adding.

Our free video editing app is both for beginners and pro video editors. Throwing together a Youtube-worthy or other social media service video in a matter of seconds is viable with the zShot video editing software.

Video Editing Features in zShot

zShot’s free video editor comes with a plethora of rich features making it one of the best free video editing apps today. As a matter of fact, the zShot video editor has paved the way for video editors to create professional-looking videos for Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook using either iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Some of its full feature set includes the following:

  • Create videos of all social media contents, sales, ads, training, and vines with zShot.
  • Add text overlay to videos.
  • Add emoji to videos.
  • Trim videos.
  • Cut/Delete the middle part of a video.
  • Merge videos.
  • Adjust video speed.
  • Change Canvas size.
  • Add filters.
  • Add background music, audio recording, and audio effects to your videos.
  • Create and edit subtitles.
  • Fast editing process.
  • Video Preview.
  • Social Sharing.
  • Advanced Features.

Edit A Video with zShot


Editing has never been easier with zShot. Trimming, cutting, or merging video short video clips only takes a few seconds and the same goes for adding music or text. What makes editing a video with zShot even better is that canvas changing is within the reach to suit your editing style.

This mobile video editing app also has advanced video effects with the ability to edit multiple layers, multiple clips up close, enhance and stabilize videos, or crop and rotate clips. In addition, it also has the capacity to customize videos and add special effects to come up with one stunning video.

Editing a video is like eating a piece of cake simple, easy, quick, and fun!

The application offers a wide range of video editing tools and features like video filters to produce professional-looking videos, stunning photos, video collage, create slideshows, video stories, and so much more. Basically, it is an all in one video editing software for incredible videos and photos.

Best Free Video Editing App for iPhone

The zShot is considered as one of the best video editing apps for the iPhone due to a lot of reasons. To start with, unlike other video editing apps, zShot can be downloaded for free on the App Store. iPhone video producers and content creators don’t have to spend a single penny just to have high-quality video editing software and beautiful videos because our best features are not locked requiring in-app purchases.

It is also ad-free, video editing without watermark. and in just a matter of seconds, iPhone users can already curate amazing video quality, content that can leverage their income, increase their followers, satisfy their clients and so much more.

Video Editing App for iPad

Aside from the iPhone, zShot also works as a mobile video editing app for iPad. The software is also offered for free for iPad users. Basically, it offers the same features it offers to iPhone users.

The zShot allows iPad users to curate high-quality video content for a variety of purposes. It maximizes the iPad screen intelligently by enabling users to edit, add sound effects, add text, and music to make your best video.

In addition, its professional video editing experience also has adjustment tools for brightness, colors, and saturation that video editors can use to enhance their videos. Users can also add filters, add music, effects, graphics, and an array of transitions to the video clips that they are making to make it the best video editing experience.

All in all, this video editing app for the iPad has amazing features and a simple video maker interface that enhances the video and simplifies the task of the editor.

Editing app for Android


The zShot Mobile Video Editing app is also an excellent professional mobile application for Android. It is a user-friendly visual editor and video effects that allows professional and basic video editing and photo editing, collage and slideshow creation, and document scanning too.

The video maker users can easily add music, trim videos, and merge them into one single video. Text and soundtrack can also be added to make the video footage more eye-catchy.

Aside from the video editing tool, zShot also offers everything needed to create jaw-dropping and stunning photo collages. Unlike other Android video editors, it has built-in layouts with a variety of filters and cool stickers that users can choose from. 

With the collage maker of zShot, users can arrange their photos, draw on the canvas, adjust the grids, and so much more.

On the other hand, the slideshow maker of zShot helps create remarkably beautiful slideshows in just a few minutes. Your slideshow video file can be made by simply picking up the photos, choosing the desired music or audio tracks, modifying the speed, theme, and transition to create a beautiful video collage.

The photo editor makes it possible not just to edit photos but to add effects, filters, and stickers as well. The brightness, tone, size, texture, and saturation of photos can also be adjusted in just a few taps.

Lastly, the zShot video editing app for Android can also be used as a document scanner. With this, documents can be digitized in just a few clicks. It also has rich features which include importing notes, highlighting texts, hiding unnecessary information, and attaching signatures.

Video Editing for Instagram

When it first launched, Instagram was all about photos. Today, it has also become an avenue for videos on top of photos. Whether it is just for fun or for business purposes, adding videos to Instagram can be used to create high-converting campaigns, create brand awareness, generate leads, and establish a more personal connection with your followers.

Instagram users can create videos regardless of their business or their follower base. And, with a video editing app for Instagram like the zShot, video-sharing and creating video content is fun and easy.

The zShot Video Editor for both iOS and Android allows users to edit videos on the go to transform everyday moments into works of art. It is a comprehensive video editing app with a variety of editing tools to make Instagram videos and photos stand out.

It also adjusts photos and videos into the right size for the Instagram feed, IGTV, and stories. The zShot app also sparks creativity by making it possible for users to tweak their videos through texts, effects, filters, slow-motion and fast-motion controls, trimming, cutting, splitting, rotating, flipping, and so much more.

Video Editing for YouTube

The zShot app is also designed as a tool for video editing for Youtube and almost any other video website. When used properly for editing videos, it actually is a very powerful video maker tool in gaining more attention and expanding the follower base on Youtube.

The zShot accommodates both beginner and professional Youtubers by providing them the features needed to create online videos that sell in a wide variation of compatible video formats. Such incredible features include a simple and intuitive user interface, filter selections, transitions, advanced functionality for video editing for Youtube, and so much more.

On top of everything, the zShot application is offered for free, with no interrupting ads and annoying watermarks.

Video Editing for Facebook


Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms today. It has become a bridge for persons and businesses all over the world to reach potential clients, mainly using Facebook Video Marketing campaigns as one avenue.

Video editing for Facebook is not that easy knowing how crucial every second is in social videos. The zShot app takes video editing for Facebook a step ahead by providing video creators a wide range of video objects editing tools, special effects, and music tracks, etc. It also makes editing video easier allowing you to create an excellent video with its modern, easy to use, interface.

With the zShot, beautiful moments that happen every day can be converted into interesting stories. What makes zShot more amazing is that it can be accessed at any time and anywhere with just a smartphone. This means that users can make and edit video then upload them on Facebook in real-time. That is why we believe we made one of the best video editing apps on the market today.

Video Editor App

Choosing the best video editing app, with all the overflowing choices, is very confusing. Indeed, making edits for videos is turning into one of the most in-demand skills nowadays online or offline.

All in all, the zShot Video Editor mobile application is one of the best video editing apps you’ll find for free in the app stores. It is jam-packed with everything you could need for video creation regardless of the niche and platform.

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