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Whoever said creating slideshows is hard is definitely wrong! With zShot Slideshow Maker, you can make remarkable slideshows within minutes! Pick your photos, choose your music, modify the speed, theme, and transition. zShot app lets you create slideshows without ever breaking a sweat.

Free Slideshow Maker App Built Right in to zShot

Remember the days when creating a slideshow means dragging all the photos and adding a WordArt on a slide? It also means choosing among the unworldly transitions and sounds and saving it afterward into a compact disk or a floppy disk. 

Thankfully, things have changed today when creating a slideshow through the different slideshow maker apps. 

Nowadays, slideshow maker apps are on the rage due to how they make it easily possible to put together images, add music, and create interesting effects with just a smartphone. 

With the slideshow maker apps, turning dozens of memorable photos into a beautiful slideshow video only takes a few minutes. 

There are actually tons of slideshow maker apps available on the app market. Some are exclusively for iOS only while others are for Android users alone. In some apps, both iOS and Android are accommodated. 

Generally speaking, just like life, you get what you pay for with a slideshow maker app. But that does not apply all the time. There are comprehensive apps offered for free just like the zShot Video Editor. 

slideshow maker app

The zShot Video Editor doesn’t just work as a video editor. The app itself is powerful enough to edit videos and photos, create slideshows and collages, and even scan documents. 

It is equipped with thousands of music choices, a variety of effects and transitions, cool stickers, different font styles, and so much more all to give users everything they need in making beautiful slideshows. 

Making Slideshows

Make Moments More Special

Life is a series of untold stories. Whether it is a big event or just a simple occasion, it always calls for a special celebration. And each celebration is made even more special with stunning slideshows. 

With the zShot App, every ordinary thing becomes extraordinary. The app has a lot of templates for any story which makes it perfect for almost anything.

Making a slideshow is made even better with music. This can be added to the slideshow together with personalized captions and fun stickers. 

Making a slideshow with zShot is very simple. The app has a user-friendly interface which makes navigating easier and faster. With the zShot app, users never run out of options. 

This is because the app is loaded with dozens of styles and layouts which users can customize to come up with a slideshow exactly as they want. 

Boost Sales Up

Slideshows aren’t just for personal purposes. They also play a pivotal role in businesses. By nature, people are visual which makes a video slideshow more convincing than text. 

In fact, marketers who make use of video increases their revenue by 49% faster than those who do not maximize video marketing. 

Selling a product or gathering leads is made quicker with a slideshow. The zShot app is versatile enough to allow users to create slideshows that can be used for different purposes – social media, website, email, or presentations. 

Slideshows are also easier to digest. Consumers find it easier to remember the products and services offered by a company when presented in a slideshow. 

Besides, consumers don’t have enough time to read lengthy blog posts. Thankfully, slideshows make presenting easier and more effective. 

In addition, making a slideshow for websites and businesses does something good with the SEO ranking. 

Slideshows are an excellent place to put the call to action since most of the time, it is placed on top of the screen. It is the very first thing that visitors will see every time they visit a website. 

The zShot app makes it possible to turn photos and videos into one stunning slideshow in just a snap. The app has everything you need to come up with professional results.

Sell Out Events or Courses

Making a slideshow to promote events and courses is way more effective than posting flyers or so. A finely-tuned slideshow makes arguments more convincing and more professional-looking. Making an engaging slideshow excites viewers more than anything else. 

With the zShot app, users can mix and match their content with a number of animations and effects to make their slideshow breathtaking that the attention of the audience will be retained from start to end. 

It helps promote and sell-out events or courses by giving them a glimpse of what the event or course has to offer. Unlike texts which are actually very bulky or lengthy, a slideshow is more engaging and effective since it has more visuals.

They are also easier to make and are the perfect canvas to give a variation on how events and courses are usually presented. It also makes it more interactive thus, more attention is captured which in return, increases the probability of selling out the event or course. 

Photo Slideshow Maker with Music

With a photo slideshow with music, standing out of the crowd is pretty easy. On the different social media platforms, photo slideshows are shared by 1200% more than text and images alone. It also increases the conversion rate of landing pages by 80% or more. 

Photo slideshows increase user engagement. As Google suggests, ‘it’s all about meaningful motion.’ A photo slideshow with music is one of the best ways to capture the attention of the users in order to keep them engaged on a page for a longer time.  

The zShot app offers a wide range of ready to use templates by professional animators. This ensures that every photo slideshow made is stunning and effective. The zShot is a photo slideshow maker that brings life to photos through music, effects, and animation. 

With it, users can create world-class slideshows right in front of their fingertips in just a few minutes. The photo slideshow maker of zShot seamlessly combines photos into a single video that users can share online or present in-person. 

The app has a very simple and intuitive visual interface that animates photos and adds smooth transitions between slides. It makes photo slideshows more professional looking yet interesting as well with its preset background and colors. 

The app does not require users to be digitally professional in order to create a photo slideshow. By simply dragging and dropping their photos, they can already start creating high-quality photo slideshows. 

Adding music to the photo slideshow positively impacts it by making it more alive. The zShot app allows users to add a music track to photos. Users can choose from the preset sounds or upload their preferred music. 

The zShot app is a photo slideshow maker with music that allows users to create fun and exciting slides. It makes photo slideshows even more effective with its plethora of readily available music choices. 

With zShot, creating a photo slideshow with music has never been this easy. With just a few clicks, everything is ready to go. Once done animating the slides, users can export it in an MP4 video format which makes it easier to upload online. 

How to Make a Video Slideshow with zShot

Video slideshows are very powerful tools in businesses. It is also considered as an excellent way to increase the user base of an individual or company. Adding a video slideshow in businesses and products makes it more enticing and upfront to customers. 

Video slideshows are actually an effective and important part of a business marketing strategy to obtain new clients and retain old ones. What makes video slideshows more compelling is that most reviews are positive. 

In fact, websites with video slideshows are known as the most trafficked portals in the digital world today. This proves that video slideshows have inevitably crept through the online world and has greatly affected and influenced the digital marketing efforts of businesses. 

Creating a video slideshow with zShot is very easy and straightforward. It only takes a few simple steps and the video slideshow is ready to go. Here is a step by step way on how to make a video slideshow with zShot. 

Step 1. Add Videos or Photos

Creating a video slideshow with zShot starts with adding videos or photos. Videos or photos can be imported from the Gallery or can be taken using the app itself. Adding a video is actually very simple. The app is self-directive so there should be no complication in this step. 

Step 2. Choose a Theme

slideshow themes

The next step is to choose from the preset themes offered by zShot. There are actually a good number of themes to choose from. The themes are carefully created by professional animators to come up with beautiful and effective video templates. 

The themes are based on the brand and the audience. Some of the themes include tech, education, professional, humorous, and a lot more. 

Step 3. Add Text

adding text to slideshow

Adding a text to the video slideshow to convey a message is possible with zShot. To add a text, click on the “Objects” then “Text” located at the lower part of the screen. 

Once the “Text” button is tapped, a text box will appear on the screen. Click on the text box and start typing. 

Ideally, texts added to video slideshows should only be the necessary ones. In as much as possible, the text should tell a story in order to make it more interesting. 

Users can also adjust the font style and font size to make it fit with the video that they are making. Keep the text readable. 

Step 4. Add Music

adding music to slideshow

The zShot app allows music to be added to the slideshow. To add music to the slideshow, simply click the “Objects” menu located at the lower part of the screen, then click “Music”.

The zShot app is pre-loaded with a great choice of music or users can add their own choice of music as well. 

Adding music completes the video slideshow. Choosing the right music is very important when making slideshows most especially when it will be used in email campaigns, Youtube, or if it will be embedded in a website. 

A slideshow video without music is boring and is less effective. Music helps stimulate the senses and makes the slideshow more interesting. 

Step 5. Add Effects

To make a video slideshow even better, special effects should be added. The zShot app offers a wide range of effect choices to choose from. Adding effects help users create a slideshow that viewers have never seen before. 

It helps them come up with an original and distinctive video slideshow that could spark the interest of viewers. By using the zShot slideshow maker, creating eye-catching slideshow videos with style and professionalism is easy. 

Slideshow Maker App

Choosing the right slideshow maker app to use is somewhat different due to the number of choices. There is no such thing as a perfect app. At one point or another, they all have glitches which makes it very important to settle to nothing but the best only.

The zShot app is extremely easy to use slideshow makers. With it, everything seems possible. The app comes with simple-to-understand navigation menus that are labeled clearly to avoid any mistakes. 

It is an excellent app that accommodates both beginner and aged editors with their different needs. What makes zShot even better is that it is one of the few free slideshow maker apps which also serves as a photo and video editor and a document scanner at the same time. 

Want to know more about the zShot App? Download it today on the Apple Store or Google Play Store!