How Do I Scan With My Phone?
How Do I Scan With My Phone?

How Do I Scan With My Phone?

“How do I scan with my phone?”

Ever had that thought in your mind?

How Do I Scan With My Phone?
How Do I Scan With My Phone?

The other more important question is: “Why would I scan with my phone?”

“Don’t we already have devices that do that?”

The world has definitely changed thanks to technology and miniaturization. Big clunky phones a few decades ago are now small enough to slip into your breast pocket. Gas guzzlers with oversized engines now have quieter counterparts that use electricity to run instead of fossil fuel.

Computers that used to take up the entire side of a room are now small enough to fit into a regular brown envelope. Things are smaller, slimmer, sleeker, and generally more efficient thanks to technology and miniaturization.

That goes the same with scanners who used to take up a lot of desktop space. These obsolete pieces of old machinery can now be conveniently transformed into a document scanner app that you have in your phone. Now there’s no more need to get in line while Jim tries to figure out how to work the office’ document scanner.

You can just whip your phone out, capture the entire document and save it for sharing online or printing out.

It all boils down to convenience.

It All Comes Down To Convenience  

You practically have your phone in your pocket at all times. If it isn’t, you probably have it in your hands. Even asleep people have to have their phones at arm’s length within easy reach.

We do a lot of things with our phones. We talk to other people through it. We access the internet, listen to music, control other compatible devices, watch movies, learn new stuff, there are a lot of things one can do on his or her phone.

So, if you have such a wonderful device in your hand, why not increase its productivity potential?

How many times have you walked towards the end of the hall to have access to the document scanner in your office? How heavy did that batch of documents in your hands get as you traversed the distance from your desk to that archaic piece of equipment? How many times have you wished you could just have one on your own desk and be done with it?

This Is How You Scanned Documents Before zShot
This Is How You Scanned Documents Before zShot

But then again, with such a big piece of equipment on your desk, would you still have enough space for all your other stuff?

And all of these questions are based on having easy access to a document scanner. Now what if you didn’t have one and you needed to pay your local business hub store to scan documents. All those cents can lead up to a huge number in your annual spending which could have been better utilized by your office.

Now, what if all of those drawbacks we just mentioned can be solved by that phone in your hand? 

Welcome to a whole new world of convenience. You can thank zShot for that.

What Is zShot?

zShot is a relatively new app in the market providing photo and video editing tools for its users. It also serves as a photo collage maker and a document scanner which you can hardly find offered in other apps.

This is designed for both iOS and Android users.

Video Editor

zShot Is A Video Editor
zShot Is A Video Editor

zShot, is primarily a very capable video editing tool. It has a complete array of features to make professional quality videos. You can also incorporate photos, collages, slideshows, and documents into these videos making it a highly produced clip you can share with your audience online or in a professional setting.

Photo Editor

zShot Is A Photo Editor
zShot Is A Photo Editor

zShot is also a photo editing tool that can hold its own against the more popular ones in the market today.  Like the video editing feature, it also has a whole slew of user options to produce high quality images for sharing online or simply for enhancing it for personal pleasure.

Collage Maker

zShot Is A Collage Maker
zShot Is A Collage Maker

One great way to make photos look more interesting is to create collages. zShot is also a pretty capable collage maker. You can then share your finished products online for your audience to enjoy.

SlideShow Maker

zShot Is A Slideshow Maker
zShot Is A Slideshow Maker

Another great way to present pictures is to line them up in a sequential manner and let it play automatically for your audience to enjoy.

And Here’s The Most Important Feature zShot Has. It’s A Document Scanner!

you’ve probably solved this issue in the past. I know I have. Whenever I needed to quickly copy texts on the board or in a textbook, I’d simply snap a picture and hope for the best that it doesn’t come out blurred. This is the early form of document scanning.

zShot Is A Document Scanner
zShot Is A Document Scanner

It beats having to line up at the copier machine and paying a few cents for a few pages.

This early form of document scanning is really just you taking a picture with limited things you can do to the image afterwards. Anyone who’s tried printing out pages captured in this manner can attest to how poor the quality of the results are.

That’s where zShot’s document scanner feature comes in handy. The document scanner basically does the same thing, it captures an image of the document in front of you but converts it into a file you can edit or enhance for better clarity.

Here are some of the features the zShot app has:


Here are zShot’s features. You could also say this is the section where reasons are given why you need this app in your phone today.

100% Free

Some good things are totally free.

Easy To Install

You can download the zShot app by going to the App Store or Google Play Store. Installation is fast, easy, and straight-forward. This is not a very large file so you can start using it once installation has completed within seconds.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the many things that sets zShot apart is how easy it is to use. This is largely in part due to the user interface. It should be practical, no-nonsense, logical, and most importantly, user-friendly. After all, most people who want to scan documents are doing important work.


You can easily add comments, suggestions, or corrections to your scanned documents.

Sign With An eSign

You can easily attach your eSignature on any document you scan to make things official.

You Can Scan Single Files Or In Batches

Some documents need to be scanned and sequenced in the proper order. You can do this with the zShot app when working with a batch of documents. You can also simply scan a singular piece of paper and save it as an eDoc.

Edit Scanned Documents

You can edit documents in post to make them look more professional. The editing tools you have at your disposal allow you to trim, cut, delete or blur text or images, rotate, adjust the color levels, saturation, gamma and hues. You can also turn a colored document into a monochromatic or black and white version.

Import Documents From Your Gallery

You can easily upload and download files sent to you via email, or messenger. You can also work with previously saved images and edit it on the fly with your document scanner.

Export Files As PDF Or JPG

You can save your scanned documents in two formats, JPG or PDF. JPG changes your scanned document into an image. This limits what your recipients can do with it. You can also save your scanned document as a PDF which allows for more editing possibilities.

Share, Download, And Print

You have multiple ways of sharing your scanned documents. You can upload it into a server for others to download on their own devices or you can print hard copies for distribution during meetings or to have a physical reference in their hands during a session.

How To Scan Documents

Ok, now we’ve come to the most important part of this article. This is where you can finally find the answer to the question “How do I scan with my phone?”

“How hard is it to scan with my phone? Will I need an entire manual to walk me through the process? Can someone show me how to scan with my phone?”

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to scan documents and save it on your phone. Here are the steps:

What you basically need to do is lay the actual document on a flat surface and ensure there is proper lighting for capturing all the details.

Place The Document On A Flat Surface
Place The Document On A Flat Surface

Next, launch the zSHot app and select “Document Scanner”.

Fit the document into the viewfinder. You can zoom in or out based on what you want to capture.

Fit The Document In The Viewfinder
Fit The Document In The Viewfinder

Tap the red button to start scanning the document.

Save the document by clicking “Save”

And voila! Now you have the document digitized. Once you’ve captured the image, you can edit in post by cropping, rotating, blurring or highlighting certain areas of the document. You can also leave it as is and save another copy for editing at a later time.

In Conclusion:

So, the next time the question “how do I scan with my phone?” pops into your head, check out zShot. Not only does this answer your basic question but it also provides more than that with the other features included.

So, do yourself a favor and download the zShot app today.

Related Questions:

Can zShot Scan QR Codes?

Not yet. Including a QR scanner as a part of its features raises zShots usability to six nifty tools in one app. This function may be included in the future allowing you to do more than just “scan with my phone” and actually have more interactions with the world around you. Not that you don’t already get to do that with your photo editor, video editor, slideshow maker, and collage maker.

Can I Interact With The Document I Just Scanned?

You might be thinking “what now?” What happens after you’ve found the solution to how do I scan with my phone? Well, the good thing is now you have a digitized copy of the document saved securely in your gadget. You can edit it, highlight parts of it, hide lines you don’t want to show and most importantly, digitally sign it. That’s a lot of interaction that you can do with an actual document file.

Who Else Can Benefit From Having A Document Scanner In Their Pocket?

Basically anyone who’s ever asked the question “how do I scan with my phone?” Law firms, hospitals, schools, private individuals, businessmen, all of these people and organizations work with documents. Having the convenience of just whipping out your phone to scan the document in front of you is a better alternative to using heavy equipment that’s situated at the far end of the office.

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