Best Scanner App for Android

Best Scanner App for Android

Not long ago, the only way to get documents digitized is by using a bulky and heavy document scanner on your desk. But now, scanning documents has never been easier and more convenient—thanks to the best document scanner app for Android. 

The zShot app is among the top-rated scanner apps in the market loaded with amazing features. Law firms, business owners, and office workers love using the scanner app in the zShot app. It is easy to use, fast, and ultra-convenient.

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Why You Need zShot Scanner App

Digitizing documents has become more crucial these days as more and more offices go paperless. Scanning documents is a good idea to save, store, and secure critical documents, photos, or notes. 

Scanning your documents and archiving is very crucial as it helps you ensure that no matter what happens, your files, records, and documents will not be lost forever. 

If you don’t have a backup of your documents, you run the risk of losing important records, which can be a costly mistake. 

Have you ever lost an important document? Scanning your files makes it hard to lose anything. The zShot app makes document scanning a piece of cake. With just a tap, you can have your important documents scanned and digitized. 

If you find it difficult to read old paperwork, you can enhance them by scanning so that they are easier to read on your mobile device or computer.

The zShot scanner app is the best tool to keep your files protected. It’s an indispensable scanner that lets you scan family photos, important files, sensitive documents, receipts, and scores. 

Sometimes, you need a document scanned multiple times in a single day. So what could be better than having a document scanner handy right in your smartphone, right? 

Download the zShot app now: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

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zShot Best Scanner App Features

The zShot scanner app has several powerful features making it better than the other scanners in the market. Check out what the scanner app in zShot can do for you. 

Free to download and easy to install. 

There’s no need to purchase top-dollar document scanners to scan and digitize your files. zShot is 100% free to download and takes only one tap to install. Go to Google Play Store and download zShot. This amazing app scanner is also available for iOS devices. 

zShot offers you a comprehensive and precise scanner at no cost. And the best thing about it is that there won’t be any annoying pop-up ads, giving you seamless user experience. zShot is also a child-friendly app. 

User-friendly interface.

zShot is carefully designed to allow users to scan important files in an instant, making it the best scanner app for people who are always on the go. 

The neat and user-friendly interface of zShot makes scanning fast, easy, and convenient. Simply open the zShot app, select Document Scanner, and take a snap of your document, and voila! You get a digitized version of your document in an instant — no gimmicks, no-nonsense. 

Highlight information and add annotation.

Do you need to add notes and annotations on a document? zShot lets you do just that! Whether it is your document or someone else’s, you can add annotations on any paperwork very easily — from research paper, essay, business letter, medical documents, to receipts. 

Plus, you can highlight any text on the document. Perhaps, a mistake you found in your paper, an important keyphrase that might come up in the exam, or an important detail that you don’t want to forget. 

With the zShot scanner app, you can add comments, express suggestions, and show corrections on your scanned documents. 

best scanner app for android
Use the zShot scanner app to highlight important details in your documents.

Add a signature to digitized documents. 

Do you need to sign a contract, approve a request, or make a letter more personalized in a digitized document? The zShot scanner app lets you add signatures to files that you already have scanned. 

zShot really is the perfect document tool for educators, students, and business staff and owners. 

Digitize documents in just a snap. 

This best scanner app for Android is simple and straightforward. Use the camera of your phone to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents, including notes, receipts, invoices, business cards, certificates, whiteboard discussions, and business letters. 

Smart cropping for quality documents. 

With zShot, you won’t have to suffer from low-quality and hard to read scanned documents. The smart cropping tool and auto enhancers allow you to improve the clarity and sharpness of your paper document’s texts and graphics. 

When you scan a document laid in a desk, you can instantly remove the unnecessary items around your paper using the smart crop tool. 

Delete or blur any part of your document. 

Does your file have anything irrelevant that you want to remove? There’s no need to recreate your files from scratch, nor will you need a whiteout to get rid of unimportant information. 

You can blur or delete any part of your document that is unnecessary using the zShot scanner app. 

Make a document black and white. 

Documents with a lot of images are usually big in file size. You can reduce the file size by converting them to grayscale. The smaller the file size, the more documents you can store in your storage. 

zShot, the best scanner app for Android, allows you to make your document black and white with just a tap. 

Adjust saturation and lighting.

Scanning a file in a low-light environment could only mean poor quality and hard-to-read digitized documents. And we know you don’t like that. 

If you happen (or someone else) to take a poor quality scanned document, you can enhance the quality by adjusting the saturation and lighting. The zShot scanner app allows you to modify your files, so they are vivid, readable, and clear. 

Export as PDF or JPG. 

After scanning and making adjustments to your files, you can save them as PDF or JPG (or both!). 

What’s the difference, you ask? JPG is generally a graphic image file, while a PDF is a document file. A PDF file preserves the original layout of any document while leaving some parts open to editing. 

 Share, download, or print your documents. 

Do you need to email the document you scanned? You can share your files directly in the app. Email your paperwork to your colleagues, your essay to your teacher, or your notes to a friend with just a few taps. 

You may also print the document through your mobile phone or save it to your storage. 

Not just a document scanner. 

zShot is not just the best scanner app but also the most comprehensive media tool you need. Aside from a document scanner, this amazing app also includes a powerful photo editor, video editor, collage maker, and slideshow maker. 

This all-in-one app got everything you could ever ask for. All features of zShot are free to use — no special features to unlock.

Download the zShot app now: Google Play Store, Apple App Store 

Don’t Just Take It From Us

zShot has received thousands of positive reviews from satisfied users. This amazing app has received tons of reviews that praise not only the scanner app but also the video and photo editors.

“I love how this is free and how it’s really good. I suggest this app whoever made it did a great job. I love it!” — emmafaithnelson

“I was looking for a video editing app. This one served my purpose nicely. It’s really easy to use and I found it to be cool. Besides there are some built in video effects and filters that are handy to use. You can use this to make short movies, putting some smileys to make fun of your friends. That’s what I did. Like this app.” — 288Tomm

“I don’t need to have multiple apps in my phone. It has all in one.” — Muhammad Burhan


zShot is the best scanner app for Android for one clear reason: it has all you need in one package. It has a precise and efficient document scanner that can digitize all types of documents and fully customize it.

Not just that, zShot comes with four other powerful tools: photo editor, video editor, slideshow maker, and collage maker. 

Related Questions

Can I import documents from my gallery?

Yes. You can edit documents you already have in your gallery. That means you can add comments and highlight texts on a document sent to you by a friend or colleague. 

What types of businesses can use the zShot app?

All types of businesses can take advantage of the powerful tools in the zShot app. Accounting firms, legal offices, schools, clinics, hospitals, and other businesses love the zShot scanner app. 

Digital marketers and influencers will enjoy creating branded photos to market their products and services, while freelancers can use the slideshow maker or the video editor to present ideas. 

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