Best Free Scanner App for iPhone
Best Free Scanner App for iPhone

Best Free Scanner App for iPhone

best document scanner for iPhone
As amazing as it sounds, the zShot app is full of jaw-dropping features that you can use when scanning a document.

Whether you are a student, an employee, or a business owner, being able to scan documents wherever you are is beneficial. Once and for all, you don’t have to go through the hassle of bringing the traditional scanner that is very bulky. Nowadays, there are a number of best free document scanner app for iPhone already. 

One of the best iPhone scanner apps available today is the zShot app. The zShot app by Mafooly is a powerful all in one app that can scan documents, edit photos and videos, make slideshows, and create collages. 

The app is 100% free, and is even available for Android. What makes it even better is that it does not require you to subscribe to anything just to use it. On top of everything, the app has absolutely no ads for continuous and interrupted scanning of documents.

zShot, The Best iPhone Scanner App

Choosing the best iPhone scanner app isn’t easy. Thankfully, the zShot app has just made the process very simple.

With the zShot app, scanning documents on the go have never been this easy. In just a few clicks, you are all set and ready to send or present whatever paper you have in hand. 

The zShot document scanner app has the capacity to scan and organize all your documents in folders and lists. This makes it easier for you to search for a specific document when you need it.

Features of the zShot App, the Best iPhone Scanner App

The zShot app is jam-packed with lots of amazing features that you can use to scan and edit your document wherever you are. It is considered as the best document scanner app for iPhone today because of its excellent features which are as follows:

Add e-signature

Aside from its capacity to scan documents, you can also use it to add an e-signature to your documents. So, you no longer have to install an additional app in case you need to add an e-signature into your files. 

Highlight and Comment on a Document 

The zShot document scanner app won’t be an all in one app for nothing. Besides, it is powerful enough that it even makes it possible to highlight important information on scanned documents. With it, you can reiterate essential points in order for you to remember it easier. 

Aside from its capacity to highlight important points, the app also allows you to add comments on scanned documents. This feature works hand in hand with the highlighting feature to give additional information needed.

Delete or Blur Parts of a Document 

Is there a part of the document that you need to delete? Do you have to hide a few points in your scanned document? The zShot app can do the job for you!

zShot, the best document scanner app for iPhone, makes it possible for you to delete parts of your scanned that are not actually needed. Or, you can just blur it out. It’s up to you! 

Crop or Rotate a Document 

Is the document unruly? Is there a need for you to crop or rotate it to make it look better? This best document scanner app for iPhone is exactly what you need. 

With the zShot app, cropping or rotating a document has never been this convenient. The app allows you to create portions of the scanned document and rotate it if needed.

Adjust Saturation and Lighting 

Is your scanned document too dark? Or is the lighting too much?

Regardless of the situation, the zShot app allows you to either adjust the lighting or saturation of your scanned document. With it, you can come out with a clear and readable document that can impress anyone. With its incredibly amazing features, the zShot is indeed the best iPhone scanner app available today. 

Export as PDF and JPG

Isn’t it amazing if an app allows you to export your scanned and edited document in a PDF or JPG format? 

The zShot app is as amazing as it sounds. With it, you can scan, edit, and import your documents not just in one, but in two formats – JPG and PDF. 

If you need your scanned document in image format, then you can save it in JPG format. But if what you want is an editable file format, then simply download a PDF copy. 

Share, Download, and Print Documents

When it comes to flexibility, the zShot app is a real winner. The app is flexible enough that you can share, download, or print your scanned documents. 

So, whatever you need, the app can do it! You can share your document into your social media accounts, email it, or download and save it for future use.

How to Scan Documents with zShot

The best document scanner app has just got even better! The app is loaded with useful tools that you use to make your scanned documents excellent. 

To scan a document using zShot, simply follows these steps:

  • Download the zShot app on the App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • Launch the document and select Document Scanner. 
  • Scan your document. Make sure that it is properly scanned. 
  • Do the necessary edits and adjustments. 
  • Save and import or share it.

Why Use the zShot app?

Schools and offices nowadays are very busy. They demand a lot of things, including scanning bulky documents just when you are not around the traditional scanner. But with the best document scanner for iPhone, you can do the task whenever or wherever you are! 

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a document scanner:

Going Paperless is Easy

With an iPhone document scanner, going paperless is very easy. Using it is hitting two birds with the same stone – you can save the environment, and you can save money too! 

Safer Files

Handling papers is just too risky! They can be destroyed with fire, water, or can be torn easily. You can easily lose your document if it remains in a paper. 

But when you scan a document, you are given the assurance that your files are safe. You don’t have to worry that it will get damaged. And, scanning up is a good backup plan too. 

Easy Access

With a document scanner, you can access your file anywhere you are. Even when you are on the other side of the world, you can bring a digital copy of your documents and use it whenever needed.

Higher Productivity

Admit it! Sometimes, scanning bulky documents with a traditional scanner is not exciting. It can even make your back hurt. 

But with a document scanner, you can increase your productivity since scanning documents aren’t just convenient, it’s easy too. Thus, you can do more too!


Th zShot app is the best document scanner app for iPhone in the app market today. With it, your smartphone has just got better. 

But what is the real deal? The app isn’t just a document scanner. It is a photo and video editor, collage maker, and slideshow creator as well. 

The zShot app is incredibly a show stopper. With its amazing features, you can do almost everything right at your fingertips! 

Download it today!

Related Questions

Is zShot app free?

Yes, the zShot app is absolutely free! At no cost, you can enjoy all its amazing tools and features to make things easy and convenient for you. 

Where can I download the app?

You can download the zShot app on the App Store or Google Play Store. Or, you can simply click here to download it on your iPhone.

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