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We have been in the business of delivering gas measurement solutions and field services for more than 3 decades now with amazing results and kind words from individuals and corporations that have enjoyed our services.

One of the many services that we provide that can be of great use to you and your business are SCADA systems.

What is SCADA?

SCADA hardware and software systems are a must-have for businesses looking to maximize operations as high as possible. SCADA which stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition are programs designed to serve as central control systems with the purpose of monitoring all of the necessary moving parts and operational equipment in the industrial field.

These systems usually consist of network interfaces, communication equipment’s and software’s all working hand in hand to serve a common goal.

SCADA can not only be utilized in the industrial sector of oil and gas, power generation, or water distribution but can also be used in other public and commercial fields such as traffic systems and airports.



How do SCADA systems work?

SCADA systems are designed to bring full access and control to you regardless of the numerous factors that may be in operation at any given time.

Data from the SCADA systems are made available with the aid of interfaces that are designed to make the information as easily processible as possible.

SCADA systems are generally centralized systems which assist in the Making use of operational data to observe, preview, and correct potential risks or inefficiencies.

SCADA systems are mainly software inclined, in that they are primarily software, which is installed unto various hardware for operational use.

SCADA systems are primarily remote terminal units and are programmed to carry out certain tasks and operations at various intervals. They can be used to alert on breakdowns by activating hazards among a variety of other industrial processes without any individual having to do it beforehand.

The operational structure of SCADA systems can be broken down into;

  1. Data Acquisitions.
  2. Data Sharing and Communication
  3. Information presentation
  4. Monitoring and control.


  1. Data Acquisition

SCADA systems are responsible for keeping tabs on all of the functional parts in an industrial site. It is very essential that close attention is paid to every sector and SCADA systems aid in the process.

  1. Data Sharing and Communication.

SCADA systems on observing and documenting the processes being carried out then transfer a well-composed and broken-down data visualization to users of the devices over the internet.

  1. Information presentation.

The SCADA systems then document the information and present it with the aid of a human-machine interface to viewers. This information is well structured and breakdowns all of the information on processes to easily accessible information that can be easily read and understood.

  1. Monitoring and control

The SCADA system can be used to control all relevant switches and levers with the aid of the user interface, affording users that much easier and direct control of all major parts of the industrial system with a simple click.


SCADA systems are very effective and a must-have for industrial businesses. Interested in knowing more? Contact us and get all of the professional advice you need on our software solutions, field services, laboratory and analysis, and equipment and supplies.


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