What Is the Easiest Slideshow Maker?
What Is the Easiest Slideshow Maker?

What Is the Easiest Slideshow Maker?

We believe that making a slideshow shouldn’t be difficult. Gone are the days when the only way to make a slideshow is by booting up the computer and scrambling through presentation software. With the zShot slideshow maker app, you can create an impactful slideshow for a school project, visual presentation for work, or graphics design for business — you can do all of these using your smartphone that fits in your palm.

Make slideshow using pictures with slideshow maker app.

The slideshow maker app in zShot has vivid features and intuitive tools so you can make a slideshow that creates lasting impressions. We said it before, and we’ll say it again — the zShot app is the easiest slideshow maker. 

All the slideshow editor tools in the zShot app are easy to use. So whether you want to create a photo slideshow, a school presentation, or a report sales slideshow to show your boss, the zShot slideshow maker is your best friend. 

The zShot app is not only a slideshow maker. It is also equipped with a robust photo editor. That means you can always edit an image you want to include in your slideshow.

It also has a document scanner so you can convert your papers into PDF or JPEG and insert them into your presentation without a sweat. 

Plus, you can create a collage and video using the zShot app. The collage maker app in zShot can glue up to 10 photos. And the video editor can produce videos of the highest resolution!

zShot Slideshow Maker Features

The zShot slideshow maker app boasts a handful of useful features you could ever need. From adding texts to layering music, from changing the transitions to speeding up the scenes, this app is equally powerful as the leading slideshow makers available. 

Check out these amazing features of the zShot slideshow maker:

Add over 30 images!

You can add not just 5, 10, or 20 images in the zShot slideshow maker, but over 30 images. Photos are very effective; they can convey messages that words can’t. Images become even more important if you need to show the audience what you are talking about. 

For example, it’s easier to show a photo of a plant than describe what it is, right?

If you’re a student assigned to create a slideshow about different breeds of dogs, then you’ll be glad to know that you can include as many breeds of dogs as you can using the zShot slideshow maker!

Also, you can take snaps in the app or pull out photos from your library. 

Slideshow jive

Select music of choice with slideshow maker app.

Make your slideshow more interesting, catchy, and engaging by adding a layer of music over it. You can pick from the preloaded music from the app or select your favorite track straight from iTunes!

To make your slideshow more personalized, you can use a recording — either record in the app or get one that you already have in your device. 

Text tool

Is there any more information you want to share with your viewers? Use the text tool and type in your message. It could be a caption, a quote, or some phrases to explain what a certain picture is all about. 

We know how big a role font style has. The slideshow maker app in zShot packs a sheer amount of different types — options, options, options! Yes, we don’t want you to stick to one boring font. 

Fun stickers!

Slideshows can be fun, too! Add stickers into your slideshow to add a bit of entertainment in it. Here’s a tip: you can use the stickers to hide irrelevant details in your slideshow!

Adjustable speed and transition

Change speed of slideshow using slideshow maker.

Speed and transition play a vital role in slideshows. The speed tool lets you reduce or increase the speed of a certain slide. For example, if you are to present a slide with reports and long texts of information, you can opt to show it longer. You can do so by increasing the time the slide will be displayed. By default, all the images you insert in your slideshow will be shown for 2 seconds. 

The slide transition is important for adding a surprise element. Enough with the boring fade-out transition. With the zShot app, you can choose any style of slide transitions, so not only is your presentation engaging, but your slides change very smoothly, too.

Creative themes

Apply beautiful themes to slideshow using slideshow maker app.

The zShot slideshow maker allows you to add fun animation into your slideshow. The animations are based on different themes. For example, you may use the hearts theme for slideshows that display photos of your loved ones or family. 

Choose your quality

We want to help you produce high-quality slideshows. That’s why the zShot app allows you to save your work in different quality — 360p (medium quality), 480p (high quality), HD, Full HD, or Ultra 4K. 

How to make a slideshow using zShot

zShot slideshow maker app is the easiest tool for creating effective slideshows. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can find it on Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. This amazing app is compatible with Android devices running Lollipop 5 or later and Apple devices that run iOS 11 or later. 

How do you make a slideshow using the zShot app?

  1. Open the app

After opening the app, you will find the homepage, and in it are five in-app editors: (1) zShot video editor, (2) zShot collage maker, (3) zShot slideshow maker, (4) zShot photo editor, and (5) zShot document scanner. 

Tap on the zShot slideshow maker to start.

  1. Choose photos from your library or take snaps in the app

If you already have the photos you need in your device, select Choose from Library. You can select up to 30 photos. If you need to add more, you can do that later. 

Remember, select the photos by order. The first photo you select will be the first photo to be shown in your slideshow. To deselect an image, tap the red (-) icon on it. 

Once you have selected all the needed photos, tap Next at the top right corner of the interface. 

  1. Add objects to your slideshow

Do you need to add more photos to your slideshow? Tap the Image in the Objects tab to put on more images (you can add 30 more). 

Add music to your slideshow by selecting the Music icon in the Objects tab. Use any of the built-in music in the app or select your favorite music straight from iTunes. You may also use recordings. 

Tap the Text tool to add a message in your slide. A textbox will appear, in which you will type in your text. Change the font color and style as you see fit. Drag the top left corner of the textbox to move it anywhere in the slide, the bottom left corner to rotate it, the bottom right corner to resize it, and the top right corner to remove it. 

Select the Stickers icon to add emojis and other stickers to your slideshow. 

  1. Change the speed, transition, and canvas size

By default, all photos will be shown for 2 seconds. You can change the display time of the photos individually or use one same display time to all of them. Remember, the lower the number, the faster they will be displayed. 

To change the speed, select the Display tabs, then tick the Speed icon. 

Change the slide transition styles between each photo by selecting the Transitions icon. Tap the transition style then select the ones you like. 

Choose the canvas size according to your need. You can change the canvas size for your social media. 

  1. Export and save

When you are done creating your slideshow, zShot lets you save your work in different resolutions. You may choose to save it to your device or share it via email and other messaging apps. 

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