What Is the Best Collage Maker App For Android?
What Is the Best Collage Maker App For Android?

What Is the Best Collage Maker App For Android?

There is just something beautiful about photo collages. Putting together ordinary pictures and making an entirely different image or scene—it never gets old! That is why regardless if you’re crafty or not, a collage maker app is essential to have on your smartphone. 

While Android phones do not have native collage maker apps, you can get the best collage maker app for Android that is zShot. Not only can you make gorgeous collage projects with it but you can also edit videos, retouch photos, create slideshows, and scan documents! Yes, all in all, those are five tools in one app. Truly, it is the miracle app for photo enthusiasts.

Enjoy five apps with zShot app.

Are you thinking of making collage projects on your Android phone? Perfect! In this post, we will discuss awesome collage projects for Android, the benefits of collage-making, and why zShot is the best collage maker app for Android. 

Why do we make collages?

Being sentimental separates us from most animals. We remember things and feel the need to treasure them. We cherish experiences. 

For that reason, we make art to honor people, things, and events. That is also why the camera was developed—so that we could immortalize certain moments in time.

Fast forward to today, with our smartphones, we take photos like it’s nothing new. It’s part of who we are now.

Somehow, the purpose of taking pictures—to treasure memories—has become a commodity. 

But in making collages, that purpose is very much alive. 

We make collages to commemorate our memories. 

We like to bring together the distinctive moments in their life in photos, gather them, and put them all together on a wall. Whether it’s a solo picture or a group photo, we collect those memories because they mean something to us. 

But more than sentimentality, we also make collages because we need to show off. Social media has amplified that urge. Nothing is wrong with that, though; that is just human nature. 

It’s in our nature to remember the past and become sentimental. We also have that drive to be social and show our milestones. 

And that is why we make collages.

Cognitive benefits of collage-making 

Did you know that creating collages, whether with paper materials or with the photos on our smartphones, has cognitive benefits? Here are some of them. 

  • In making collages, you will learn how to properly create a composition by organizing shapes or photos. 
  • You will learn how to mix and match colors. You will determine if a certain background should go along with the photos in your collage.
  • Art activities like collage-making improve a person’s ability to communicate their tacit knowledge clearly, therefore allowing to express themselves better.
  • You get to think of new styles of expressing thoughts using photos, adding to your portfolio of art-making techniques. 
  • Regardless if you’re using cutout magazines or photos, collage-making helps you think creatively. That’s because it’s one of the activities where you’re constantly reconstructing, recreating, and forming concepts. 

Amazing DIY photo collage projects

Collage-making is indeed one of the activities that help you become more creative. If you’re looking for collage project ideas, here are some that you could try with zShot. 

Make amazing collages with collage maker.

Photo canvas collage

Also known as photo canvas on collage, this is usually a group of your family photos printed on a canvas. A canvas is either made of cotton, linen, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You can create collages on apps like zShot and let a printing shop impress it on canvas. 

Framed snapshots

In online shops like Etsy, you can find many framed photo collages, having plain solid-colored borders or patterned backgrounds. You can insert your own special photos and hang them in your bedroom or living room. You can create your own framed collages on zShot, as well. 

Monochromatic family portrait collage

Monochromatic photos let viewers focus more on the subject’s emotions. If you have close-up photos of your family, you can add a Grayscale filter to them and create a collage. Print them and hang them in areas where you usually display stuff, where people will linger and look at the photos. 

Geometric string collage

In this project, you form geometric shapes using strings and clip photos on them. You can do this by sketching the design on the wall or corkboard. Next, you plot the pins on the angles and then tie the strings to form the shape. Now, you can hang your photos using binder clips.

Chalkboard door collage

Repurpose a wooden door by pasting chalkboard paper on the panels. You can also display your photo collages in the middle. Not feeling a door? You can also use windows! With this in your home or coffee shop, your family members or patrons can easily express their thoughts… and at the same time, reminisce memories!

Coffee table collage

This is a fun way to personalize your coffee table, especially if it has a glass covering. To do it, create collages on zShot and print them. Paste them in a uniform position on your coffee table if it’s rectangular-shaped. If it’s a circular coffee table, you can form a heart shape using the printed collages.

Clothespin collage

Want to surprise your significant other on the morning of their birthday? Or do you want a simple and safe activity to do with your kids? Choose from the many collage templates on zShot and put in your best and most memorable photos. Print them and clip them on a string using colorful clothespins before hanging them on a wall. 

Lampshade collage

Is your bedroom’s plain old lampshade boring you? You can revamp it using photo collages. Just create one or two on zShot and print them. We suggest using a plain background for the collage borders because you will paste it on the lampshade. When you switch it on, the light will gorgeously brighten the photos. 

Editorial collage

An editorial collage is a cerebral activity that involves a lot of conceptualization. We suggest doing this only if you have a lot of time. That’s because it has to send a clear, impactful message through the elements in your collage. Therefore, you will spend time developing your concept. An editorial collage usually accompanies a feature article or an opinion piece. 


Last but not least, you can create your very own moodboard. Sites like Pinterest make moodboard-making comprehensive. However, wouldn’t it be more fun if you had more control over your moodboard’s border, background, or style? That is why you should use apps like zShot if you want more control over your craft. 

Features of zShot, the best collage maker app for Android

With zShot, you can have the freedom to express your creativity. Whether you’re adding picture quotes, family photos, or artwork to your collage, zShot is the best platform for creating it. 

Here are some collage-making features on zShot that will help you create your best craft:

Edit layout borders and spacing.

Edit layout of collage with collage maker app.

Notice how Instagram has a set border and spacing between its users’ posts? On zShot, you can make your very own IG-like feed collage, but you can control the border and spacing. You can loosen or tighten the layout borders and spacing much to your gusto. 

Add amazing backgrounds.

Backgrounds add oomph to your collage. If you’re making a collage of your birthday bash last week, why use white or black background? Add to the festive vibe by using a vibrant patterned background with balloons and party essentials. It’s much more coherent that way.

Customize your Collage Canvas.

There are styles that help you emphasize one single photo or all of them together. It’s important that you choose the right canvas style to direct the viewers’ focus to the right photo. Thing is, you don’t have to worry about that because, on zShot, there are plenty of collage canvas styles to choose from. 

Add text and stickers.

Insert beautiful stickers to collages using collage maker app.

Wouldn’t it be more informative and interesting to add context to your collage? Sometimes, photos alone won’t send the right message to the viewers. On zShot, you can communicate better by adding text and fun stickers to your photos. 

Add stunning filters.

Want your collage photos’ mood to be cohesive? Add any of our stunning filters to them! By doing this, your photos can work together in setting the mood. They won’t go against each other; as a result, your collage will be more pleasing to the eye. 

Adjust lighting.

In life, you can’t always get the right lighting. If your photos are too bright or too dark, you can also adjust the brightness on zShot. 

Edit your Collage.

You can also blur parts of your collage on zShot. You can flip, rotate, or crop the photos, too. Whichever perspective you want to show, you can do it on zShot. 

Edit Tone Curves.

Are you learning advanced photo editing? You can practice it with your collages on zShot! On the app, you can edit each photo’s tone curves to balance the highlights and shadows. 

Best collage maker app for Android

With the dozens of adjustments you can make on a collage, it’s no wonder why zShot is the best collage maker app for Android phones. 

The best thing about it all? zShot is 100% FREE. The power of five apps in one—you can have it on zShot for free. 

zShot is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Download zShot now! 

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