How to Make a Slideshow With Music
How to Make a Slideshow With Music

How to Make a Slideshow With Music

zShot app is a powerful all-in-one editor tool that allows you to make a fun and engaging slideshow. Use the slideshow maker app to animate your photos, add graphic text elements, stylize transitions, and lay music over your slideshow. The app is designed to make slideshow the easiest way. 

Create beautiful slideshow with Slideshow Maker App.

This guide will help you make a slideshow with music using the slideshow maker in zShot

Make a slideshow with music using the zShot app

Download the zShot app from Appstore or Google Play Store. This app is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 11 or later and Android devices running Lollipop 5.0 or later. 

  1. Open the zShot app 

Open the app once it is installed. You will find five editors on the homepage, including:

  • Video Editor
  • Collage Maker
  • Slideshow Maker
  • Photo Editor
  • Document Scanner
zShot offers 5 amazing apps.

Click on the Slideshow Maker to get started.

  1. Take photos or select from your library

The zShot app allows you to take photos directly in the app. Tap on this option if you want to take new shots. Otherwise, select the Choose from Library to select images from your Camera Roll. 

You can select up to 30 photos (you can add more later). Tap on the images you want to include on your slideshow. Remember to tap on the photos based on a sequence. The first photo you will tap is the first to appear in your slideshow. 

Click the (-) to deselect a photo. When you are done choosing images, tap Next on the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Add more photos, music, text, or stickers

If you need to display more than 30 photos, you can add up to 30 more images by tapping the Images icon. 

Tap the Text icon to add text. Type in your message, then choose a font color. By default, the text is in white font. Then, change the font style. The slideshow maker in zShot is packed with different font styles to choose from. Next, choose the alignment option. 

Adjust the size and position of the text by dragging any sides of the textbox. Tap and drag the top left corner of the textbox to move it anywhere in the slide, the bottom left corner to rotate the textbox, the bottom right corner to resize it, and the top right corner to delete the textbox.

If your slideshow doesn’t need any text, you can skip that. 

To add music to your slideshow, tap the Music icon. The zShot app has rich preloaded music you can use. You can choose music from your iTunes or even a recording. You can record in the app, or use a recording you already have. Select None if you don’t want it to have music.

Make your slideshow more fun and engaging by adding stickers to it. The slideshow maker in the zShot app has plenty of stickers you can use. 

Insert stickers to slideshow with slideshow maker app.
  1. Adjust the speed and theme

By default, each photo of the slideshow is displayed for 2 seconds. Tap the Display tab, then click on the Speed icon to adjust the speed of each photo. 

After clicking the Speed icon, all the images you selected will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Tap an image to change the speed. Drag the slider left (to increase) and right (to reduce speed). You can tick the Apply to All Images to use the same speed option for all photos. 

The zShot app also provides a great number of themes you can use. The themes give cool animations, such as hearts, rain, and snow. Drag the slider to adjust the opacity of the animations. 

  1. Change the transition 
Change transitions of slideshows using slideshow maker app.

Make your slideshow stand out by adding surprise elements in it. Slide transitions will make your slideshow look more interactive and attractive. Without transitions, your slideshow may look dull and boring. 

Slide transitions also add smooth animation to your slideshow. The good news is that adding or changing the slide transition is super easy with the zShot app. 

Tap on the Display tab at the bottom, then select Transitions. All the images you selected will be displayed at the bottom of your screen, with the transition style between each photo. 

By default, all photos use the right to left sliding transition. Tap the transition icon, then change it by tapping any of the sliding transition options. 

  1. Manage the photos in your slideshow

Do you need a photo to be removed from the slideshow? The Manage option lets you delete, replace, duplicate, and edit photos. 

Tap any of the photos in your slideshow you want to edit, replace, duplicate, or remove. The Edit option lets you enhance the image you selected. If you want to change the order of the images, long press and swipe the image to move it. 

  1. Change the canvas

The slideshow maker in zShot lets you resize the canvas of your slideshow. The default frame width is 640 x 640. You can easily change the canvas size according to your social media requirements. For example, if you intend to view your slideshow as Facebook Story, click the Facebook Story icon, then the app will instantly change the dimensions of your slideshow best fit for Stories. 

Here are the different canvas types:


  • Profile
  • Cover
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Carousel 
  • Story


  • IG TV
  • Standard
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Story


  • Profile
  • Header
  • In Stream


  • Standard


  • Portrait 
  • Square
  • Status


  • Post


  • Square
  • Portrait


  • Square
  • Portrait
  1. Export and Save

Once you are done with all the adjustments needed and satisfied with the result, select the Export and Save Icon at the top right corner of the screen. 

You have the option to select the Frames per Second of your slideshow. You may choose between 24 FPS, 25 FPS, 30 FPS, 50 FPS, and 60 FPS. 

zShot slideshow maker app also lets you choose the resolution of your slideshow:

  • Medium quality – 360p
  • High quality – 480p
  • High definition – 720p
  • Full High Definition – 1020p
  • Ultra – 4k

Tick any of these options. The better the quality, the larger the file size would be. If you want to save your slideshow in Full HD or Ultra quality, make sure your device is capable of playing such high-quality videos. 

You will find the Save button at the bottom right corner. Tap it to save the slideshow to your device. You may share your slideshow directly on your messaging apps, such as Messages, Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, and email. 

Select the Share icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Other tools you might like to try

The zShot app is not only a powerful slideshow maker tool. It is also equipped with photo editor with impressive image-enhancing features that will take your images to the next level. 

zShot Photo Editor

Use the zShot photo editor app to improve your dull photos, create dramatic and artistic effects on your selfies, blur unwanted details, and correct tone, color, saturation, and contrast. The zShot app has a user-friendly interface and features so that everyone can enjoy editing photos. 

zShot Collage Maker

Unleash your creativity by creating awesome collages using the collage maker app in zShot. Glue up to 10 photos in one layout, and stylize them by changing the background color, adding texts, stickers, and doodles. 

zShot Document Scanner

Do you have important documents you need to send your boss today? Digitalized your document with just a tap. The zShot document scanner can convert any documents, receipt, or signature into PDF or JPEG formats. Add texts, annotations, or signatures to your document. You can even hide irrelevant details on it. 

zShot Video Maker

Be it a short greeting video or a full-length video for school projects, the zShot video maker has all the tools you need to create an impactful video. Use this tool to edit and enhance an existing video, or record a clip directly in the app and edit it. Add music, text, or merge videos. There are endless possibilities with the zShot video maker!

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