Does Instagram Have A Collage Maker?
Does Instagram Have A Collage Maker?

Does Instagram Have A Collage Maker?

Does Instagram have a collage maker app? If not, then how come I see a lot of collages on Instagram? Shouldn’t they start coming up with their own since it’s in demand?

Instagram does not have a built-in collage maker in their basic app. You will have to download third party photo collage maker apps if you want to create collages that you can upload to Instagram.

Layout from Instagram for Instagram app.

These apps work independently and can be used for other photo-sharing apps just like Instagram.

Instagram Layout Pros And Cons

But isn’t Instagram Layout under the Instagram company?

Yes it is. But it still counts as a separate app. If you have Instagram Layout on your device, you’ll see that it is a separate icon. That means it is not fully integrated into Instagram as part of the basic app.

There are pros and cons to this.

Because it is a separate app, your basic Instagram app won’t be as heavy as other apps that feature a full suite of editing tools. That’s a good thing. You can still have Instagram on your device without worrying if your system can handle it. The bad thing is you might not want to get layout as an add-on.

Instagram Layout is still prone to crashing due to incompatibilities and other errors found every time there is an update for the mobile device’s operating system or Instagram itself. Sometimes these updates don’t sync together.

Instagram Layout, like all other mobile apps, can be tricky to use sometimes. Although the user interface is pretty simple and straightforward, errors can still occur sometimes. For example, expanding your photo to fit in one of the frames needs careful manipulation.

Expanding the picture too much will only make it revert back to its original size. It could even result in your image getting smaller than it was intended to be. There is a limit to the size of the pics and Instagram Layout automatically assigns where the pics go without any logical sequence.

Instagram Layout is also just that: a photo collage maker. There are no other features included in the package. As a stand-alone app, you won’t need the Instagram app downloaded in order to use Instagram Layout.

Can I Use Other Apps Instead Of Instagram Layout?

You actually have a wide variety of options to choose from. Instagram allows third party developers to create photo collage making apps that they can seamlessly integrate into their system. You don’t necessarily have to use Instagram Layout so you can create collages for your social media platform.

These third party software and apps are sometimes better than Instagram Layout in terms of robustness, usability, user experience, features, even connectivity to Instagram. Instagram will not prevent you from using these other apps from editing your photos for posting.

Need Something Better Than Instagram Layout? Use ZShot!

zShot app with collage maker for Instagram.

Here’s some good news: you can use ZShot to create photo collages that you can then upload to your Instagram account. And it’s easy. Think of it as Instagram Layout with a few more tricks up its sleeves.

Aside from being a collage maker, you can use the ZShot app to edit your basic photos just like what you can do on Instagram’s basic photo editing features. Except, Instagram can’t create those edited photos into a collage because you’ll still need to download Layout.

Instagram’s Layout still needs some improvement at this point of time. There are instances when it crashes especially if you’re using older devices. ZShot is optimized to use any device, from iPhones, iPads to Android.

Why Use Collages Instead Of Just Basic Images In A Sequential Set On Instagram?

Instagram is a powerful tool for sharing images. These images tell a story.

Followers tend to subscribe to Instagram users who have images that convey a good story. One way to do that is release a single image that is framed in a way that it already tells a good story. This often comes as a lucky shot to amateurs. Professionals, on the other hand, can frame it better.

Some Instagram users use a series of pictures to tell a story instead. This can be a series consisting of up to ten images. Since this is sequential, followers have to swipe to the next or previous image to see other pictures included in the set. This takes extra effort on the followers’ part.

The effort it takes to upload several images is also a longer process as each file has a set size that requires data bandwidth to successfully post in your Instagram account.

A good way to tell a story through a single image is to make it into a collage or a montage. A montage combines these pictures to become one thereby changing the original story behind those images.

A collage on the other hand presents these images in its original state, only better because now you can see pictures related to it through a single presentation.

Just to be clear, making a collage does take time but the end product is still counted as a single image so it doesn’t take long for it to be uploaded to your Instagram account.

Logically speaking, if a picture says a thousand words then doesn’t a collage multiply that number by x amount? So in a way, if you’re trying to tell a story through Instagram, the best way to do it is through a collage of images.

Why Using Mobile Apps Is Advantageous To Pros And Amateurs Alike

Now, if you have the skills, the equipment, and the ability to create powerful images using willing subjects and backdrops, you are pretty much set. This requires a lot of resources that most people don’t have access to.

One way to circumvent that is to use apps that are available on the market. Mobile apps are inexpensive and widely available. They can be used as complementary tools to other apps or used as stand-alone products to get results.

There are thousands of photo collage makers available on the market to download but most of these are one dimensional and have very little to offer. Some have secondary features that are more useful than single use apps.

A few, are developed to add a considerable depth to its usability making them powerful mobile apps that consumers can enjoy. Sadly, most of these select few come with a price that is out of the average user’s range. It’s a good thing there are pro-quality apps available on the market that are free.

Enter ZShot.

Collage maker app of zShot for Instagram use.

The ZShot app is one of those mobile apps that can help you fast-track your success as a storyteller on Instagram. You can download it easily through the app market and install it within seconds to your device. The learning curve attached to this mobile app is pretty easy with the helpful hints and tips provided.

It also doubles as a video editing tool that can help you create videos for Instagram too. Slideshows? Sure, why not? This is the one tool that can propel your ranking on Instagram and multiply the number of followers you have overnight!

And best of all, the results you get through the ZShot app is professional quality that’s why pros like it too!

In Conclusion:

Instagram does not have a collage maker as part of the basic app download. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create collages to upload to the social media platform. There is a vast multitude of apps to choose from that integrate seamlessly with the system.

Instagram does have Layout which is a part of the company but not a part of the app itself. Therefore, it is still considered a third party app. Only this time, it is bearing the Instagram logo and name as the official and recommended app to use for collage making purposes.

ZShot is an alternative that you can use for creating photo collages. This powerful app is not only a photo editor, it is also a video editing tool, document scanner, and slideshow maker. Those are added features that are hard to pass up on.


Related Questions:

Do I Really Need To Make A Collage To Upload Images To Instagram?

No. This is totally optional, you can upload up to ten images at once into Instagram and this will result to a sequential set of photos. The only problem is that your followers may not like to swipe. They may not even get the story behind the image at first glance and ignore your post. A collage helps you present your ideas better visually, increasing the likelihood of followers liking and sharing your content.

Will The ZShot App Crash Like Instagram Layout?

Like all apps, ZShot is dependent on the system you are using and the condition of the device you are using. The ZShot app is optimized for iPhones, iPads, and just recently, Android devices. All precautions have been taken to ensure the system is robust for a great user experience at all times. For any concerns, you can always contact the ZShot team.

How Easy Is It To Integrate With My Instagram?

It’s very easy. All you have to do is create your collage using the ZShot app before uploading it to Instagram as an image. Before you do that, you can also color correct your image, add filters, put special effects, cut, trim, or crop to your heart’s content to make your end-product more visually appealing.

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