Bold Enough To Add Text To Your Collage
Bold Enough To Add Text To Your Collage

Bold Enough To Add Text To Your Collage

Are you bold enough to add text to your collage? Some of you upload photos or collages plainly or with a little touch of an edit. A photo is sometimes not enough to convey your emotions, feelings, and thoughts that’s why using text is a great help to relay your message. 

In making a photo collage we seldom add text but there is no harm in trying to do so. Adding a text in photo or collage is an expression of a literary art making the photo comprehensible. A collage with an added text gives a bold way of verbalizing and proposing one’s notion digestible.

Adding text to a collage is a piece of cake with this app. This app is no other than the zShot collage maker app. The zShot collage maker is an all-in-one app that has numerous tools used to beautify and enhance your collage all at one go. Try this app now and be amused with its capability in creating a marvelous collage


Do you need to use text in our collages? Yes, no, or maybe, adding text does really depend on the person editing. Some likes to add text and others barely or never does it. But these are some of the reasons why using text in collages is a go sign.

Why Add Text to your Collage?

  • Conveys feelings, emotions, and thoughts that a photo portrayals lack.
  • Deliver a heartfelt message
  • A word of encouragement, comfort, and love.


There are many kinds of text you can use to add to your collage. zShot collage has a font-worthy you can apply to your text to make it attractive. Making your text genuine and pleasing to the eyes. These are some text you can use to send a message to.

  • Quotes
  • Humor
  • Poetry
  • Bible verse
  • Story Scripts


If you don’t have a zShot collage maker by Mafooly, now is the time that you should download it from the Apple App Store. Just open your Apple App store and search for Collage maker by Mafooly. zShot collage maker is free to download apps that you can use to create fantastic collage photos. 

1. Download and Install zShot

  • Look for zShot Collage Maker in the App Store.
  • Download and Install the app in your phone.

2. Launch the App

  • Open the zShot app.
  • In the zShot homepage platform, look for the header “Create Beautiful Collages.”
  • Below this header, you’ll see two options to create collages.
  • First, “Take a Picture,” and second, “Choose from Library.”
  • Tap “Choose from Library” to edit photos from your gallery.

3. Choose Photos to Create Collage

  • zShot has two main editing platform. The first one is under “Collages” and the other one is under “Edit.” After clicking “Choose from Library,” you will be directed to the “Collages” editing platform.
  • If you want to edit layout, border, background, and canvas, you only need to tap the icon under the “Collages” platform. Then, click next to continue with editing. 

4. Add Text

  • After using tools under “Collages,”  you can now add text under the “Edit” platform.
  • You can change the color, font, and text alignment to be used in your collage.
  • When your done editing you can now tap on “Done,” located at the upper right corner of the app.

5. Save and Share

  • After adding text, click “Done” and you can now save your collage as a JPG or PNG format. 
  • Share your creation with social media sites. You can also download, email, save to the phone’s gallery, and add your collage creation to your clipboard. 

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