How To Draw In A Collage
How To Draw In A Collage

How To Draw In A Collage

Today, you’ll be learning how to draw in a collage, using the zShot app. Check out our step-by-step guide below. 

The collage maker app by Mofooly has different kinds of tools used in creating and editing a collage to perfection. One of its tools that we can utilize in editing is adding a drawing in the collage photo.  

Drawing can make your collage creative and unique compared to other photos that are plain. Drawing can be in various forms and expressions. It all depends on the editor or creator of the collage or photo. Adding a drawing in a photo or collage gives a nice vibe to it.


A drawing is an expression of art. It is one of the basic and methodological ways of communicating or expressing one’s feelings. Drawing also enables the imaginative mind in creating visual images that attract the spectator to look into the photo or collage.


  • Illustration drawing
  • Life drawing
  • Emotive drawing
  • Analytic drawing
  • Perspective drawing
  • Diagrammatic drawing
  • Geometric drawing

Why Add a Drawing in Photo Editing?

Drawing is an important and significant part of the creative expression of our lives. These are some factors that state the importance of using a drawing in the photo editing aspect in the digital world.


  1. Creative and distinctive expression of art.
  2. Drawing can also be a form of communication to the viewer.
  3. Enables the futuristic and imaginative growth of an individual.
  4. Developing the “eye” for an artistic view.


Now, that you learned about drawing and why its necessary in a photo creation, it’s time to learn the steps in adding a drawing in your collage. To start editing a collage, you need one of the best collage apps in town – the zShot collage maker. This app is free and you can download it anytime from the App Store. Check out the simple steps to follow in adding a drawing to your collage below:

1. Get the zShot App 

  • Search for the zShot collage maker app in the app store.
  • Click get to download and install the app in your phone. 

2. Open the zShot app

  • Launch the app by tapping it.
  • In the homepage platform, look for the tag “Create Beautiful Collages.”
  • Then, you’ll find two options to start creating collages.
  • The two options are “Take a Picture,” and “Choose from Library.”
  • You may take a picture or simply pick the “Choose from Library” to edit photos from your gallery and use them to create a collage.

3. Edit Using Two Main Features

  • To start editing a collage, you will begin with the “Collages” platform. 
  • In this platform, you have different tools to enhance your collage creation. You can add a border or background and you can even change the canvas and layout of your collage.
  • After this first main editing feature, you click the “Next” button at the upper right corner of the “Collages” platform. You will then be directed to the second main feature of zShot which is the “Edit.”

4. Draw in a Collage

  • Under the “Edit” feature, you can further enhance your collage creation by using a wide array of editing tools.
  • Some of the editing tools here are Text, Blur, Filters, Effects and many more.
  • Included in the editing tool is the Draw tool.
  • To start drawing in your collage, tap the “Draw” icon at the bottom part of the zShot platform.
  • Then, adjust the color and size of the brush of the draw tool. 
  • Start drawing in your collage and let your creative mind reflect on your collage creation.

5. Format Collage and Save or Share

  • After editing your collage, click “Done.”
  • You will be directed to the change format and save or share platform of zShot collage maker app.
  • You have two options for your collage format – one is JPG and the other one is PNG.
  • Save your creation to your phone’s gallery or share it to your email or social media accounts. 

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