How to Change Layout for Amazing Collages?
How to Change Layout for Amazing Collages?

How to Change Layout for Amazing Collages?

Change Layout and create beautiful collages to post on different social media platforms. This post is made especially for you who likes to mix and match photos for an engaging photo content!

Do you like taking a lot of photos but don’t know how to post everything in just one go? Don’t fret anymore because our collage maker app can do the trick for you! Who wouldn’t want to share their favorite photos? Most of the time, it’s difficult to load all the pictures that you took after celebrating an important event. 

To be able to upload photos easier, one of the best solutions is to create collages of images. Put them in a beautiful layout, then share or post with others. You can do this with a bunch of photos without wasting time to upload images one by one. Since collages allow you to put together multiple photos and design them in a nice layout, you can easily share tons of pictures!

What is Collage?

Collage is one of the best ways to showcase multiple images in a single layout. It saves time in uploading several photos. It also allows you to become creative by putting images together and adding beautiful designs. 

zShot Collage Maker helps bring photo memories together in one amazing picture! It aims to be the best free collage maker app for creating photo creations for you and your loved ones. 

If you want to know more about how zShot works, continue reading, and learn how to change Layout using zShot

To bring photo memories together in one amazing image. zShot aims to be the best free Collage and photo editor app for making collages, stories, and editing your photos.

Simple Steps to Change Layout using zShot Collage Maker

If you don’t have a zShot collage maker by Mafooly, it’s the time of the day that you should download it from the App Store. Just open your App store and search for Collage maker by Mafooly. It’s free to download and use so that you can create fantastic collage photos. 

Download and Install zShot Collage Maker

  • Search zShot Collage Maker in the App Store. 
  • Download and Install.

Download cShot from App Store.

Launch zShot Collage Maker

  • Open the zShot Collage Maker app.
  • In the homepage platform of the app, you’ll see the header “Create Beautiful Collages.”
  • Below this, you have two options to start creating a collage.
  • The first is to “Take a Picture,” and the second one is “Choose from Library.”
  • If you have photos in your library that you want to use for your collage, simply tap “Choose from Library.”

Select Photos for Collage

  • In zShot, there are two main features. The first one is Collages. 
  • After tapping “Choose from Library,” you will be directed to the zShot “Collages” platform. 
  • In here, you have five different tools for collage making – the “Gallery,” “Layout,” “Border,” “Background,” and “Canvas.”

Create Collages with two to 10 pictures.

Choose Collage Layout

  • To change Layout for collage, tap the “Layout” tool at the bottom part of the “Collages” platform. 
  • Here you can choose from about 21 different amazing layouts. 
  • Tap the Layout you want, and it will be automatically applied to your images. 
  • Tap Next (upper right corner) to continue to edit the collage, or you may change borders, background, and canvas before clicking the “Next” button.

Save and Share

  • After editing the collage, click “Done,” and you can now save your creation as a JPG or PNG picture format. 
  • Then share your beautiful collage to different social media sites., You can also download it or email and even add to clipboard. 

Choose Layout designs.

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