Best Photography Apps

Best Photography Apps

Mobile photography has just got better with these best photography tools!

The best photography apps were once limited to desktop computers only. Thankfully, smartphones today have made it possible to capture stunning photographs right on your fingertips. 

You can also take beautiful photos with your smartphone, but you can also download thousands of photo editing apps. 

The best photography apps will bring you to places you’ve never been before with just your smartphone. They can turn your photos into one stunning masterpiece in only a few seconds. 

The advancement of technology has created powerful smartphones with impressive cameras and has also become the way for the best photography apps to exists. Despite the smaller screen of smartphones, the fine line between what a desktop computer and a smartphone can do is narrowed. 

Are you ready to find out what the best photography apps are today? Take a look at the following:

Best Photography Apps of 2020

zShot App


The zShot app is one of the best photography apps that exist today. The app, created by Mafooly, is a combination of photo editor, video editor, collage maker, slideshow creator, and document scanner. It is powerful enough to give you everything you’ll ever need to be the next photo in the limelight. 

This best photography app is loaded with amazing features and dynamic tools to deliver eye-catching photos. With it, you can edit your photos, add filters, text or stickers, apply themes, and so much more! 

You can do whatever you want with your photos. What more? You are in total control over everything that you want to do. 

The app is offered for free and can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. 

Adobe Lightroom 

As one of the best photography apps, the Adobe Lightroom gives you two options – the Lightroom Classic CC and the Lightroom CC. Professionals consider the Lightroom Classic CC as a good standard for photo editing and digital photo management. 

Adobe Lightroom is a feature-packed photography app that can edit and manage photos. It comes with a lot of photo editing tools, presets, adjustments, exposure, watermarking, and many more. The app also completely supports RAW files that other photography apps don’t offer. 

As one of the best photography apps, the Adobe Lightroom is offered for free with a $10 subscription option, which allows you to access premium features. With the premium version, you can also sync your photos across devices.

Photoshop Express


If there is a photography app closest to Adobe Photoshop, then that would be Photoshop Express. Besides, Photoshop Express is the downgrade version of Adobe Photoshop. 

It may not be as powerful as the Adobe Photoshop; the Adobe Express is jam-packed with all the editing tools you need to create beautifully-crafted photos. The app allows you to crop photos, apply themes, adjust exposure, and so much more. 

On top of it, you can also create and save your own preset that you can use the next time you edit. It also saves a lot of time. 

Furthermore, the app also has a healing tool that allows you to remove acne, blur out parts of a photo, and reduce haze. You can also create stunning collages with it. 

The app is offered for free and is available on Apple Tablets only. 


A professional-grade photo editing app, Snapseed is one of the best photography apps by Google. It comes with a massive amount of photo editing options that are suited for both beginner and pro. 

With it, you can blur out photos, adjust the temperature, add a filter, and a lot more. The app gives you control over the changes that you want to do in your photos. 

What makes the app different from other photography apps is that they support stack effects. With this, you can a different result every time you edit your photos. 

The app is also equipped with other advanced photo editing tools, including local adjustments, curves, and a healing brush. 

Snapseed is offered free and is available on both Android and iOS devices.



What was once a trending app remains as one of the best photography apps today. VSCO is designed to turn your smartphone photos into film-like artworks. 

The app is rich with beautiful and aesthetic filters fitted for different photos. But much more than it’s filtered, the app has its own set of beautifully crafted editing tools such as exposure sliders, healing brushes, cropping, and the like. 

The app is popular enough to have its community of professional and amateur artists and photographers. With its advanced tools and features, the VSCO app is indeed one of the best photography apps for novices and professionals. 

The app is offered for free on both Android and iOS devices. But you can also apply for a membership for exclusive perks and offers. 


Afterlight is one of the best photography apps that won’t be left behind when it comes to tools and features. The app has all the essential editing tools you will need to create eye-catching photos. 

With it, you can add filters and frames, adjust exposure and brightness, download your photos in a RAW version and so much more! 

What more? You can also create your own filter for a more personalized experience.  

But what makes the app different is that it comes with more unique features. These unique features include film light leaks, double exposures, textures, color shifts, selective color, and more. 

The app is offered for free now (paid before) on both iOS and Android devices. Alternately, you can access all the features that it has to offer with it’s $3 monthly subscription.

Lens Distortions 


Nowadays, smartphone cameras are just too good to be true. But with lens distortions, the photography games have just gone one step ahead. 

The Lens Distortions app brings back the creative imperfections tools – flares and light leaks – to give your photos realistic effects. You can add artistic effects such as fog, light rays, or snow to turn your photos into stunning art pieces. 

The app is offered for free on both Android and iOS devices. The free version offers five filter selections. To access all its features, you will be required to subscribe to the app. 


PicsArt won’t be on the list of the best photography apps for nothing. In fact, the app is the perfect choice if you are into editing and remixing photos. 

The app acts in two ways. You can use it to edit your photos and you can also use the assorted brushes that come with it to enhance your photos. 

PicsArt allows you to decorate your photos with text, add glitter to it, adjust color, or do whatever you want to with your photos. You can even cut out an unnecessary object that appears in your pictures and later on another photo. 

Aside from these, the app also has the necessary editing tools to improve your photos. This includes cloning and cropping. 

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices for free. An in-app purchase is needed if you want to access all its features.

Benefits of Using a Smartphone Photography App

Smartphone photography has been in a long way and changes by leaps and bounds until today. They wouldn’t be as successful as they are, if not because of the advantages that come with them. 

The benefits of using photography apps include the following:

Edit on the Go

With these mobile photography apps, you can edit your photos whenever and wherever you are. You no longer have to bring your laptop with you all the time just to come up with stunningly beautiful images. 

And, in sudden cases, you can still come up with a well-crafted image to post and awe everyone, you know. This could also be one of the keys to increasing your business revenue!

Increase Follower Base

Social media apps today demand stunning photos in order to be noticed. Optimized contents aren’t enough, but fine-looking images will complete a post. 

Photographs are art pieces that, when enhanced, can help you increase your follower base. It can also increase your revenue.


Photography apps are more advanced than ever. With them, enhancing a photo has never been this easy. All in all, these best photography apps are always beneficial in all ways regardless of where you plan to use it. 

Related Questions

What makes a good photography app?

A good photography app should be simple and easy to use. It should contain all the necessary tools and features to give you a better experience. 

Are photography apps useful?

Of course, these photography apps are handy. They serve a plethora of tools and features to enhance your photos. Besides, most of them are offered for free, so they are all a good deal. 

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