Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone
Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Over the years, the iPhone has changed and has improved a lot. From its size to its features, almost everything about it has gone through phases of change. It has become powerful enough to be in the limelight every time a new unit comes out of the market. 

Besides, iPhones are the most marketable phone of all time. In 2019 alone, over 2.2 billion iPhones were sold, bringing in to the Apple Company a whopping $260 billion. 

What makes the iPhone one of the most sought after phones are due to the sophisticated and powerful camera that it has. This is because a lot of people are engrossed in taking photos every now and then and post it on the different social media platforms afterward. 

With this, which photo editing app has become in-demand. These apps have popped up like mushrooms that choosing the best among them is a hard task. 

The question is, what are the best photo editing apps for the iPhone then? Take a look at the following:


zShot Video Editor and Photo Editor app from the Apple Store.

Price: Free

The zShot is an all-in-one-app offered by Mafooly. The app is basically a video and photo editor, a slideshow and collage maker, and a document scanner at the same time. 

What makes zShot one of the best photo editing apps for iPhones is that it has a very simple user interface alongside a plethora of photo editing tools. It also comes with a good choice of fun stickers, cool emojis, and exciting filters. 

To make the user experience even better, the zShot App also has brushes that allow you to draw into photos. Or, you can add text to make it more interesting. 

The app is suitable for both beginner and experienced photo editors. 


Price: Free

Snapseed is another photo editing app for iPhone which comes with a powerful collection of editing tools. The app is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free. 

It allows you to improve the exposure, sharpness, and colors of your photo. Furthermore, it also makes it possible to rotate, crop, and straighten the image that you want to edit. 

Another good feature of the app is that it has a healing tool that allows you to remove unnecessary objects in the photo. 

It also has a wide range of filters to choose from to give your photos dramatic and stunning effects. 


VSCO photo and video editor app.

Price: FREE (with a subscription fee for additional filters and tools)

VSCO is another photo editing app for iPhone that has a wide range of subtle filters and amazing editing tools. 

The app is mainly known because of the beautiful filters that it has. Unlike any other photo editing app, the filters of VSCO are subtle, soft, and faded to come up with beautiful and underrated images. 

What is even better is that the filters can be adjusted in order to suit the taste of the user. 

Aside from the filters, the app also allows basic editing such as cropping, rotating, and straightening of images. It also makes it possible to adjust exposure, contrast, clarity, and so much more. 


Price: $2.99

Afterlight 2 is an easy to use photo editing app which comes with a comprehensive choice of photo editing tools and filters. 

It is equipped with the most basic to the most advanced photo editing tools which include adjustments on color, sharpness, exposure, and the like. It also allows you to crop or rotate your photos for improvement. 

Some of the advanced photo editing tools that the app has include selective colors and curves which you can use to fine-tune the tones and colors of the photo to make it look even better. 

The filters and overlays that come with the app are the perfect tools in enhancing or changing the mood of your images. Furthermore, the app has a good choice of basic filters, customizable texts and artworks, and double exposure, all for the enhancement of your photos.


Price: $1.99

The TouchRetouch photo editing app is one of the best choices when trying to remove unwanted objects and blemishes from the photos. Besides, this is the main function of the app. 

TouchRetouch allows you to create flawless photos by simply highlighting the objects that you want to remove. The removed object will be automatically replaced with pixels from the surrounding area to make the image smooth. 

The app also comes with a Line Removal tool which is primarily used to remove electricity and telephone cables found in the image. 

Indeed, TouchRetouch stays true to its promise to deliver flawless and smooth photos.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Price: FREE (with a subscription fee for additional features)

Adobe Lightroom CC is a simple yet powerful photo editing tool that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. 

It comes with a variety of preset filters to enhance the overall look of the image. It also has simple adjustment sliders which you can use to adjust the color, exposure, and detail of your images. 

Aside from the basic editing tools, the app is also equipped with advanced photo editing tools ranging from color mix, curves, and split tone to enhance your images further. 

Paying for the premium feature of the app will allow you to unlock better photo editing tools that include selective adjustments and perspective correction. The premium access will also give you access to your photos in all your devices through the Adobe Creative Cloud. 


Price: $2.99 (with in-app purchases)

Mextures is best used when you are trying to apply textures, grains, and light leaks to your images. 

It is a fun photo editing app for iPhones that you can use to create a wonderful mood and visual interest to your photos to enhance its look. 

Mexture is very easy to use. It allows you to combine and blend the different preset effects in order to create a unique and stunning outcome. 

Aside from these things, Mexture also offers basic photo editing tools and filters to make your images more aesthetic. 

Lens Distortions

Lens distortions app from the App store.

Price: FREE (with in-app purchases for additional effects)

Lens Distortions is one of the best photo editing apps to use to add light and weather effects to your photos. 

Some of the beautiful overlays that the app has to offer include sunlight, lens flares, rain, snow, and fog. It also has glass elements and shimmer effects that blur or sparkles your images. 

What makes Lens Distortions even better is that you can layer up a few effects in just one image. 

Furthermore, the app has sliders that allow you to adjust the brightness, opacity, and contrast of images. With this, you can tone down or make your images look bolder to make it look better. 


Choosing the best photo editing app for iPhone when editing your photos is very important in order to ensure that your images will stand out. Remember, how you edit your photos has something to do with how effective they will be once posted online. 

The zShot app is one of the best photo editing tools for the iPhone that you can use for a next-level editing experience. 

Interested in the zShot app? Download it today on the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store!

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