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Edit as many photos as you like with zShot Photo Editor. Add fun effects, cool stickers, and unique filters to your photos quickly and easily. Adjust the brightness, tone, size, texture, saturation, and more. With zShot Photo Editor, enhancing your photos is as easy as tap, tap tap!

If you need really good editing apps, you’ll find a stockpile of free photo editor apps available on the internet. It’s important to pick the right free app that will help you transform your pictures, erase blemishes, and correct colors, so they are ready to be shared online.

zShot is an incredible photo editing app with a powerful all-in-one editor equipped with video editing tools and a comprehensive photo editor. The editor in zShot can help you in a lot of ways — enhance your photographs, create impactful images of sceneries, and even skyrocket your visual brand! And the best part is that you can all do these in a swipe of your finger.  Thousands of amateur photographers, enthusiasts, and professionals love the photo editor in zShot because of its wide array of free accessible professional photography tools, which give you the best picture with a balance between lively fun and creative control.

Photo Apps With Photo Editing Software

You’re probably one of the million people who are searching for the best photo editing apps. Many apps require you to shell out some cash so you can use all features, and some lets you perfect your photos without spending a penny.  Some of the powerful and most downloaded picture editor apps in the app store are:

Picsart (Free)

When it comes to versatility and power, Picstart is a good photo editing app option. It’s designed with features that are easy to use for consumers who want to get quick results. The app also comes with a handful of new features, Shadow (a feature that lets you add shadow backdrops) and Remix feature. 

Picsart is a non-destructive editing app with superb tools and a nice selection of photographic filters. Is it for everybody? Yes. But it’s worth noting that some of its features may require a certain level of photographic expertise. 

The cluttered homepage is a major turn off.

Facetune 2 (Paid)

Put your best face forward with the help of Facetune 2. It’s a specialized app with topnotch tools for retouching and enhancing portrait photos. It can smoothen your skin and create dramatic effects with its smart filters. 

Facetune 2 has great face recognition that helps control filters and effects. The app also comes loaded with tips and video tutorials to help you edit your photos.

zShot (Free)

The photo editor app in zShot is just as powerful and versatile as Picsart and Facetune. zShot gives you a rich array of editing features, tools and filters and lots of robust creative user control. 

It is intended for consumers with any level of expertise. The clean user interface is friendly and straightforward. zShot is a playful app with augmented stickers and emojis, so you can create stories with your amazing photos.

Best Photo Editing App

What makes a photo editing app the best? 

Almost all good apps claim to be the right apps for your digital art. Although there are no standards set on what’s best and what’s not, having subconscious criteria can help you pick from the best photography apps that meet your requirements (and lets you have fun editing).

Editing Performance

Each user has a unique artistic style and needs different editing features, so really good editing apps have superb editing performance to make the most out of any photo shoot. 

Some photographers need a photo editor for advanced photo editing, artistic photo editing, fine art or portrait photography, and others need features for nature and landscape photography. Maybe you need subtle features to enhance your photo of the sunrise, or maybe you need to do purpose photo editing with little local adjustments and color corrections to make your photo subject more dramatic. 

The best photography apps should give you a variety of options, so you can improve your photos uniquely. 

The photo editor in zShot is packed with filters, collage maker, design tools, selective adjustments and a huge range of effects to support any enhancements you need in your photographs.

Operating System Compatibility

Are you looking for an iPhone picture editor?

The best photo editing app should meet your mobile device hardware requirements. 

zShot is a photo editing app iPhone free and ads-free. It is compatible with iPhones and other Apple devices running iOS 11 or later. That means you can use this powerful photo editing app in your:


  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max


  • iPad Pro 2nd-gen
  • iPad Pro 1st-gen
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 6th-gen
  • iPad 5th-gen
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini2

iPod touch

  • iPod touch 6th-gen

zShot is also a free photo editor app for Android. You can use it in any of your Android devices that run Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.

Filters and Effects

Another factor that can tell you if you’ve got the best photo filter apps if it has a rich library of advanced features, filters, and effects. An image tool jampacked with preloaded filters and effects can save you a lot of time and energy. You do not have to manually correct the tone, color, saturation, curves, etc. over and over again. 

zShot is one of the really good editing apps because of its additional filters, graphic elements, and effects for quick editing. You can always tweak the filters manually to get your desired end result.


Does the photo editing app provide helpful tips and tutorial videos for editing? 

Cool picture editing apps should be able to give you guides on how you can expertly improve your images. zShots image tool has accessible tutorials and videos to give you a hand in your editing. The guides will walk you through the different tools and how you can use them effectively even for just basic image editing work. 

The tutorial videos are easy to follow and very instructional. 

Another indication of good editing apps is if it is regularly updated by its developers. Regular improvements are a good sign that the creators are on the move to give you a seamless editing experience. Regular updates also tell you that the creators acknowledge errors and are always willing to fix them.

Picture Editor

zShot is a free picture editor and graphic designer, allowing you to add frames, texts, stickers, and filters to your photos. 

Not everyone can be Photoshop experts. That’s why zShot gives you just the right balance of fun and easy yet powerful photo editing tools. Check out these awesome photo enhancer features:

  • Basic edits – Trim your photos, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, correct the saturation and tint. Tweak the curve to get the right tone!
  • Dramatic filters – You can express your emotions in your photos using the funtastic filters. Use Instagram style filters, make your images more vivid, or make them more sensational with noir effects!
  • Add texts – Greetings? Notes? Or funny memes? Whatever it is you like to convey in your image, adding texts to your photos is super easy using the photo editor app in zShot.
  • Painting tools – Add handwritten text or doodles to your pictures!

There are a lot more reasons to love the photo editor app in zShot.

Why Choose zShot Photo Editor

Saying the photo editor app in zShot is super easy to use is a bold statement, but yes, we really believe it. 

We developed zShot because we know that professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop can take a lot of time (and money) to learn. We saw that many users just want something more accessible. 

The zShot editing tools has simplified the photo editing process. 

Everything you need is in the toolbar just below the canvas. The tools are straightforward and do not really need you to be a pro. 

And if you’re struggling with the editing process, you can always turn to our guides and tutorial videos. 

Because the zShot editing tools are simple, it’s guaranteed to speed up your editing. The photo editor in zShot has a neat and clean user interface — no endless menus, layering options, and tools that only professionals would use to bog you down. 

zShot editing tools are simple and fun to use so you can sit back and enjoy editing your photos without any drop of stress!

Kids can enjoy editing photos, too! In zShot there are tools to edit photos with stickers and doodle features. 

You may also use the zShot to create funny memes, photos with surreal effects, or party invitations. Add borders and frames to make your images stand out. Use the Splash tool to create a mesmerizing visual effect.

Image Editing To Enhance Photos

With the app’s comprehensive and powerful photo edit tools, you can create masterpieces worth sharing with the world. 

zShot picture editor gives you the power to quickly enhance your images. You can correct tone, adjust saturation, or even add spectacular photo effects to create beautiful and vivid images on the go. 

zShot is one of the best photo editing apps in the market because it is packed with image-enhancing features so you can eliminate flaws and apply color and exposure corrections manually. 

Make your photos Insta-worthy by utilizing its wide array of features. Fix the tone, brightness, saturation, contrast, and exposure. Forget about spending hours and hours scrambling over Photoshop. If you are looking for a cool tool that offers you the best photo editing and saves you time and energy, then zShot is here!

You may also spotlight the colors in your photos using the Splash tool, or blur out photobombers or irrelevant details using the photo editing app Blur tool. 

Not everyone has the luxury to purchase a topnotch camera with impressive depth to shoot a great photo with a blurred background. And we also understand that not everyone knows how to maximize the depth of field when taking photos. 

So we’ve made the blur tool easy to access and use. With the photo editing app blur tool, everyone can add a blur effect on photos they have taken. 

Apply textures and frames to your images to make it none like the others.

You may also resize your images to meet different social media requirements — be it for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Tumblr. 

If you want a photo to fade into its background, then the Vignette effect is just one tap away! 

The photo editor app in zShot makes enhancing photos fast, easy, convenient, and accessible for everybody!

Photo Editing App with Text and Stickers

Get quirky and fun with your photos by using the text and sticker features in the photo editor app in zShot. 

The zShot photo enhancer is loaded with fun stickers — from emojis, flowers, accessories, facial hairs, to hearts. 

It’s always fun to add stickers to the photos you post on social media because let’s face it, they are not for grade-schoolers anymore! 

Adding stickers to your photos can be a lighthearted way to give your own commentary to a photo you’ve posted. zShot has a collection of stickers so you can customize and create your own amazing images.

The photo editing app change background feature lets you customize your photo even more!

Do you want to emphasize a message in your graphic design project? Creating a hilarious meme? Or maybe caption a collage? 

Use the Text tool in the photo editor app in zShot! Our text editor has a bunch of fonts and customization options. We know that the right font can make a big difference in your message — they can make your message look just how you want it to sound. 

You can place your text in any part of your image with ease. Drag it wherever you want it to be. Resizing the text is a breeze, too!

Edit Photos with Rotate, Scale, Flip, Duplicate, and more!

Sometimes, a simple rotating, scaling, and flipping can make a huge difference in your photos. 

You need to rotate your photos if you need to fix the orientation. There are two types of orientation of digital photography: landscape and portrait. Most phones use portrait orientation. Computers, on the other hand, use landscape orientation as default. 

This explains why some of your photos may appear sideways when you view them on your desktop, and you have to rotate them. 

The rotate tool can also come handy if you want to curate surreal effects on your image. For example, if you want to create an illusion that you’re walking on a wall, a quick rotate can do the trick. 

If you need to adjust the width and height of your image, then scaling is the most common way to do it. 

The flip tool is another powerful feature that can change how you and your viewers see your photo. Flipping lets you discover new possibilities you may not have anticipated during your photo shoot. And as with other editing decisions, flipping your image can reinforce storytelling. 

By flipping your photo, you can emphasize important elements in your image, redefine your photo, or recreate intense emotions from the photo shoot.

Professional photographers crop and tweak photos to enhance them. They consider balance, swirls, and curves. But sometimes, a simple flip can exponentially improve a photo. One flip can bring out the other elements in a photo. 

As one of the best photo apps, the photo editing app in zShot aims to make these adjustments as easy as possible. A simple tap and swipe are what you need to make these corrections with zShot.

Share Edited Photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

Once you’re done with the corrections and adjustments in your photos, you can instantly share them online with your friends, family, or followers!

You can share your freshly edited photo quickly without the need for a social media app. Really, your photos are one tap away to the online world. You can post your photo to your social media accounts from zShot. 

Link your social media accounts to the zShot to make sharing fast and easy. Share your photo directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Flicker, or Tumblr. You may also send your photos to a friend or family member via Email, which you can also perform within the zShot. 

Not just that, but the images you edit in the photo editing app in zShot can also be shared via Messages and other messaging and social media apps (i.e., Facebook Messenger) and file-sharing apps (built-in like Airdrop or third-party apps like SHAREit). 

You can also copy your edited image to your clipboard and paste it wherever you like (i.e., Notes). 

zShot Photo Editor App

Is the photo editing app in zShot the best free picture editor? Yes. It is as powerful as the leading picture editors, yet, it is totally free. Using its full features doesn’t cost any penny. 

The zShot photo editor is also topnotch when it comes to editing performance. It has all the image-enhancing features you will ever need to improve your images — be it landscape, nature, portrait, or fine art. It is packed with filters and effects that save you time and energy!

When talking about updates and support, the photo editing app in zShot cannot be beaten. The regular updates and improvements show how committed the developers are to ensure every user gets a seamless experience. 

If you need help editing your purpose photo editing, zShot has guides and video tutorials to help you through the process. 

There are tons of picture editors in the market, and it’s quite challenging to select the best ones that give you all the access and photo effects tools you need. zShot is super easy to use and doesn’t call you a single penny. The photo editor is for both beginners and professionals.

Enhance your photos, make them more vivid, sharpen the details, and correct the tones and colors. You can do all these without a sweat!

Add texts to your photos, create hilarious memes, convey an impactful message, or add slogans to your projects. We know not everyone has the luxury of time to learn Photoshop, so we made sure these adjustments and advanced photo editing decisions are easy and simple. 

The zShot app is a photo editing app Android free of charge. It is also compatible with Apple devices.