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Office equipment technology has come a long way. Before, a document scanner was a big bulky device on your desk. It sat there, occupying space you could have saved for more important things.

Thankfully, things have become more convenient for anyone who uses paper. No longer will people waste precious table space for bulky machines.

You can now easily scan anything—your important paper documents, official receipts, or favorite book excerpts—with the use of a mobile scanner. 

However, with plenty of barcode scanner Android and iPhone users can see in the market, you can’t easily figure out which of them is the best. 

Don’t you think a buggy app is a waste of dollars?

The good news is great apps exist. 

Did you know zShot is the best document scanner you can use right now?

document scanner app

In this post, we’ll discuss some basics about document scanning and why zShot is the best scanner in the market today.

Best Document Scanner App

These days, a simple search of the phrase “where can I scan documents” would lead you to dozens of scanning apps for iPhone and Android. 

But exactly how can you know if you found the best iPhone or Android document scanner app?

The best document scanner app is not too ordinary that it leaves you unsatisfied. It’s also not too complicated that it dizzies you, makes you give up, and just look for another scanner app. 

Instead, the best scanning app hits the right notes by knowing exactly what you need. It doesn’t try too hard to appear advanced, but it has the capacity to exceed your expectations. 

Before we explore more about the best free document scanner app, we want you to appreciate the importance of scanning apps through our short recap below. 

What is a scanner?

Document scanning is not just some mundane office task. 

As menial as it may sound, it’s a serious job that sectors like the medical, legal, and accounting industries do every day. 

To transfer their files to the digital space, professionals use a document camera scanner. 

A doc scanner, also known as a printer scanner, is a device that scans documents and converts them into digital documents. It works by shining a light and reflecting it onto a photosensitive element. 

After scanning a document, the user will save the PDF or JPG file in a digital library. 

Why use document scanners?

Document scanners will help you achieve the following: 

  • Savings for your pocket and the environment. Having document scanners will easily diminish your need for paper. With no dire requirement for it, you will save more on your operating costs. You will even help in saving trees!
  • Improved safety and security for your properties. After securely scanning and storing your paper documents or records, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged by flash floods, fire, or any other kind of calamity. A safe can’t promise that.
  • More time, more productivity for workers or students. In a digital library, it won’t take five seconds to find a file that will take minutes in a paper-based library. 
  • Easy access anywhere in the world. Whether you want to work remotely or transfer to a different branch of your company, digitized files will make your transition easier. That’s because you can save your PDFs and JPGs in a cloud storage like Google Drive.

Businesses that need scanner document apps

Day by day, many industries scan classified documents and essential records, whether or not as part of digitizing their files, systems, or work processes.

With this consistent use of scanning apps, it seems unlikely that people will stop using paper—no matter how much we became so independent of it. 

That is why the document scanning industry is continuously advancing. Today, scanning apps allow easy scanning of invoices and purchase orders. Others enable image scanning and electronic document distribution. 

As you can see, not only does document scanning allow people to digitize their files but also secure their lives and welfare even more.

Document scanning is a highly reliable tool to bridge the gap between a paper-based world and a paperless society. 

For that reason, these four paper-intensive industries rely on document scanning more than people think. 

1. Law firms

Legal offices deal with hefty paperwork. With the number of lawsuits and complaints most large firms are tending, it’s not really a surprise. 

That is why a reliable scanner program is a staple in this industry. They use document scanners to convert paper files into digital documents and store them securely. 

But using document scanners is not just an organizational requirement. Saving files digitally is a part of their client retention file policy. 

Sometimes, it might take years before some documents reach the client. That’s why lawyers need to scan them and store them safely until the required years of retention have passed. 

Moreover, if a law firm intends to go paperless, it’s the best practice to scan the native files. After that, they should save them on a separate folder from the final files that are in PDF.

2. Accounting firms

Another industry that has to carry the burden of heavy client paperwork is the accounting industry. Add that to the sea of audit worksheets, invoices, receipts, and source documents they have to scan. 

Besides those headache-inducing tasks, it’s also a commendable practice in that industry to keep track of good financial records.

Because of those needs, a document and barcode scanner is a staple in accounting firms. 

That is why accountants today should have a reliable scanner app on their smartphones. Not only will it give them convenience with scanning individual files but also with by-batch submissions.

If you’re an accountant, it would be optimal if you can find a free document scanning software that lets you convert multiple scanned files into JPG and PDF.

3. Clinics and hospitals

In the U.S., healthcare practitioners are required and even incentivized to convert paper-based medical records into Electronic Health Records (EHRs). 

That means the patients’ charts in that hospital or clinic should be converted into digital files. This makes sure the authorized personnel can easily access the file whenever a patient comes in for an emergency or a checkup.

In a bigger picture sense, this good practice of documentation ensures consistency and continuity in the quality of care in medical facilities. 

For that reason alone, medical practitioners need trustworthy, no-nonsense scanner apps. 

4. Schools

Document scanners have become more crucial for the academe today. 

scanned document

With the recent school closings—and the indefinite reopening—teachers and parents need reliable devices for online learning. 

The glaring problem here is that many schools are still not using eTextbooks. That means educators might need to scan pages and pages of content from paper-based textbooks. 

In that case, a reliable scanner app will lighten the load. With a handy app, educators won’t need to ask “where to scan documents” on Google repeatedly. 

And even if teachers need to convert multiple pages, they won’t need to fret—they can do the scanning, editing, and sharing on their smartphone.   

Those are just a few of the industries that benefit from a photo and document scanner. Now, it’s time to explore the best qualities of a document scanning program. 

Today, some professionals might still be using their old trusted paper scanner devices to scan documents. 

Are you one of those people? Nothing is wrong that, mind you; but you are missing a lot of great things by not using a page scanner app. You are missing out on convenience and peace of mind, to be particular. 

If you are searching for a long-lasting, reliable tool, you have to get zShot, the best document scanner app. 

Features of zShot Document Scanner

You may wonder why zShot is so well-loved among editors, photographers, and other photo and video enthusiasts. 

Well, it’s pretty simple. Besides being free, zShot’s features are just so irresistible—and its document scanner is no different.  

Here are the features that make zShot the best free scanner software in the game today. 

1. Easy to install. And 100% FREE.

You don’t need to download anything or type your credit card details on a payment form to use our app. zShot is 100% free. Yep. You read that right—it’s totally free! 

You can just go to the App Store or Google Play Store and hit install to scan any document you want. It’s so easy. 

2. No-nonsense, easy-to-use interface.

Document scanners are not for people who have all the time in the world. That means a scanner app’s interface should be practical—and that is exactly what zShot has. 

On zShot’s document scanner, there are no unnecessary gimmicks that will distract you from what you need to push, rotate, or click. 

There’s nothing to see but the viewfinder and the essential buttons below it. 

3. Lets you write an annotation.

highlight scanned document

Making mistakes are normal; however, not being able to correct mistakes is not good at all. 

If you need to add comments, suggestions, or corrections on your newly scanned document, don’t worry about it. You can add annotations using zShot.  

4. Allows you to add an eSignature.

Are you a freelancer who needs to eSign a contract? Or perhaps a teacher who needs to grade and sign assignments written on paper? No worries. 

You can also eSign documents with zShot’s document scanner. 

5. Makes you work on a single file or a batch.

Whether you’re an accountant who scans multiple worksheets or a parent who needs to capture a cute drawing of her kid, zShot has your back. 

On the app, you can either scan a single document or capture multiple files. zShot can handle it!

6. Edit your scanned document.

crop scanned document in app

Nobody is perfect! However, sometimes you just need to make a document pristine, so it can look and sound professional. The good news is you can do retouching tricks with zShot. 

You can make a colored document into a black and white file. You can delete and blur words and pictures. You can crop, rotate, and even adjust the saturation of the document. 

7. You can import documents from your gallery.

Did someone ask you to annotate a scanned document or a PDF? Or do you need to do over a previously annotated document? 

If your student or colleague has sent you a document via email, you can download it and import it to the app. Uploading files and documents is hassle-free on zShot.

8. Export files as PDF and JPG.

zShot also helps convert your documents into PDFs and JPGs. This will make your file-sharing experience easier and will avoid disappointing others who will use the file. 

If you want others to download your scanned files as images, save and share them as PDF. Meanwhile, if you want to save documents as photos but with a smaller size and less impact on the quality, save and share them as JPG.

9. Share, download, and print documents.

What’s the use of a beautifully scanned document if you can’t share it with your clients, friends, colleagues, students, or employees?

After a breezy but thorough editing, you can instantly share, save, or print your scanned documents through the zShot app. 

Scan Documents With Phone

Impressed with our document scanner’s features? We know you’d be. Now it’s time to learn how to use zShot to scan documents. 

How Do I Scan With My iPhone?

It’s so easy and fast to scan documents on this stellar iPhone scanner app. 

Follow these steps on how to scan a document on zShot:

  1. Lay the paper-based document on a flat surface.
  2. Launch the zShot app. Tap on the “Document Scanner” button. 
  3. Point your iPhone and fit the important part of the document into the viewfinder. You can zoom in on the important paragraphs by squeezing out the viewfinder. 
  4. Tap the red button at the center to scan the document. 
  5. If you need to crop or rotate the document into your desired size and position, tap the “Edit” button to access the crop and rotate options. 
  6. To blur some parts of the document, tap the Hide button. Using your finger, trace the sentences or words you need to hide. 

hide content in document scanned by app
  1. Meanwhile, if you need to add an annotation, tap the marker-shaped button. Highlight any sentence and click on the document to type in a comment or a suggestion. 
  2. To eSign the document, tap the signature button and use your finger to make a signature. Move your eSign to your desired position on the document. 
  3. Hit the Save button if you’re satisfied with your scanned file. 

Document Scanner App

zShot is the best multi page scanner app you can use on your smartphone. 

Best thing about it all? On the same app, you can edit videos, make slideshows, edit photos, and make collages. 

zShot is the miracle app for everyone—whether you’re a buzzing content creator or a busy accountant. 

Download zShot now!